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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 21:43:14 (CET)
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>And it seems didn't know that there was a young gentleman which is HANNA HAJJAR who stood up and told him yes I am a JACOBITE , but I see myself an ASSYRIAN .

...what you SEE yourself as...or how YOU interpret history has no meaning or bearing when you address the WORLD..or go outside your village or tribe. Dr Joseph, unlike Aprim, couldn't just write a book on how he SAW things. The book had to be published, not had to be reviewed by experts in the field who checked it for its veracity and details and had then to have someone else's money invested in the printing, not Dr Joseph's...and it was published by a well respected publisher who's been in the business 100 years and more and concentrates on academic stuff mostly...Aprim, you, Hanna and my aunt Tilly can SAY whatever you can FEEL any way you can even PRINT anything you want and then QUOTE it to each other...the problems start when you go OUTSIDE and peddle this manure...


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