The Dancing, Juggling and Protesting Assyrians Come To Towm

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Posted by parhad ( on October 05, 2001 at 07:08:13:

You can send letters to the editor for Time magazine to:

---------- In Reply to --------------------------

Send a letter to the Chicago Tribune and ask them to correct his mistake. The three people are obviously Assyrians; their names are:

Ninos Youkhana
Younadam Youkhana (his father)
Sami Shlimon

go to here and send your letter to the editor. Be concise and factual. The more they hear from us, the greater the chance that they will publish a correction. Do not forget to mention that there are 80,000 Assyrians in Chicago.

>>>Those 80,000 Assyrians proved mighty useless when it came to supporting the installation of a monument in their city which would have gone farther towards educating their neighbors than any e campaign. We never seem to take the initiative...we only "react"...never ACT!

>>>Protest this...complain here, call there...correct this. Will the day come when Assyrians cause someone ELSE to protest? We sit on a dunghill of complaints and wrongs and pick at scabs of wounds long gone...waiting for someone else to walk by and spit on us...sending up a mild yelp even then...adding one more insult, one more bruise, one more humiliation.

>>>Do you really think this is "Assyrian" behavior? Hajjar, and many others, wouldn't come challenge Ross, show him he'd made a big mistake...because they didn't want to support ME. As if Ross had slandered only me. With such primitive thinking, where can we expect to go? Sending an e-mail classifies one as an "activist". Writing in here makes one a "journalist"...exchanging dubious facts with Hajjar makes him an "historian". All the while we remain unknown and subject to anyone's abuse and scorn...yet we will complain about it after the fact. Who really insults us?

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