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Posted by pancho ( on January 16, 2002 at 18:23:07:

At the convention in San Jose I asked Firas Jatou why they were blocking me here with that cute device of having the screen pop up that my submission was incomplete. His reply was that it of course wasnt his personal decision, but the moderators had taken the step to do something because theyd received complaints.

That statement bears examination. Research shows, and we all know from experience, that people are far more likely to call when they are angry over something...complaining...feeling badly about whatever it is they are calling about. The others...and they could be the vast majority, dont bother if they like what they see...it strikes them as natural and right that the person writing, in this case, either agrees with them, or has shown them something new, or thought provoking, even if a bit disconcerting at first glance...or they just plain arent the hysterical type.

Radio and television stations, and newspapers and magazines know this, so they weigh their responses to the negative or outraged letters and calls accordingly. They arent likely to shut out an entire sector of thought if it happens to piss some people off...at least that was before Bush and a few other things happened and are happening to America...and to us.

There is a desperation in the air...sort of like the jig is up, the curtain is about to fall away and what people would rather have remain hidden from view for a while longer...will be exposed unless...unless all sorts of even more drastic measures are taken...which will only hasten the process along...in other words you cant stop the rain because you dont want to get wet.

There are phone calls being made, I am sure...at least there used to be...by people trying to covince the moderators here that Assyrian Volcano...Assyrian Table...Assyrian Napkin Ring...and any assortment of barely literate Assyrians are as mad as hell that they are being prevented from airing their ideas...okay, I am being generous. It isnt that my posts stop anyone else...its that these Assyrian Objects either cant understand English, or dont like what they read and have no idea what to do about it.

The surest way till now to get us off was to have an Andreas spray himself all over the place thereby convincing the moderators that BOTH had to go. That worked for some time, then Andreas had a species change operation and you can catch him at the circus nearest you. Trying to convince people that we are traitors etc didn{t work too well and so all that is left is threatening to go write somewhere else...somewhere more hospital to run on sentences...amazing sentences, no sentences, backward sentences and the like.

Its as if the only way to prove your Assyrianisopruebsbvsism, is to be at a loss for words, at a loss for ideas...unable to comprehend simple ideas...scared out of your wits by complex ones...pig ignorant of the culture and systems of the government you live in...oblivious to its history...unaware of your own, and generally so damn boring and infantile that, well...that you HAVE to be an Assyrian!

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