Them Amazin Jews

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Posted by pancho ( on January 16, 2002 at 18:35:05:

I always respected their ability to laugh at themselves...but then there was very little funny about being a Jew...not much to be ashamed of either...not till now, now when they seem to have been a little too influenced by the Nazis they lived among.

Up there in the Catskill mountains of New York they created their own resorts starting at the turn of the last century. They werent welcome at Christian ones and probably would have choked on the food. Instead they built their own cabins and small hotels till by now its a huge industry with the latest and best of everything...and we have a Civic Club in Turlock...oh well.

So many of the big names in comedy and theatre and films got their start up there peforming for Mr and Mrs Hinkleheimer. Woody Allen, Frank Gorshin, Walter Mathau, so many I cant even begin to name them...Mel Brooks and on and on. The staple of all of the comedy acts was making fun of Jews. Telling the little stories of family life, of the over protective mother, the quietly suffering father, the intrusive aunts and uncles and fat lipped and bosomy cousins...of business swindles and clever deals...of conflict with Goyim and the kid who made it big but became a bigger schmuck.

Even during the depressing years of the second World War, when the Chistian world decided to kill every last one of them...they kept on laughing and seeing the humor in themselves and a world gone mad. Think of Mel Brooks writing Springtime For Hitler...of Zero Mostel actually wearing a swastika in the movie...think of any one of us doing one tenth of what they dared...then think of any of us attaining one hundredth of what they did...and against one millionth of what they had to endure.

We never laugh at ourselves, and the consequence is that we are terribly funny...but so sensitive about our lowly status that we take every joke against us as cause for war. Would that we could laugh...long and hard at these leaders for one their ridiculous pretentions, their solemn way of treating everything that comes out of their mouths as something worthy of note, instead of a good reason to double over and fall to the floor. GOD...what material!!!

People who cant bend a little, will snap in the slightest breeze.

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