A Bullet In The Head...

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Posted by pancho ( on January 17, 2002 at 10:54:54:

...thatīs what itīs gonna take. After having explained in great and painful detail that we have hardly any true martyrs, just victims, wouldnīt it be a kick in the ass if someone makes one of me? I mean itīs funny really...we do love a martyr so, and Iīve had plenty of evidence that I am not liked...and my actions have hardly been calculated to win friends and influence people, I mean keep from influencing some of them the wrong way.

Iīm not puffing myself up, Iīm hardly worth the trouble...but...never underestimate the Church. Somewhere out there a priest or two facing a drop in the collection box, a few too many people sleeping during services...a less than enthusiastic turn out for the annual "goring of Christ" all over again, will begin to flatter himself into thinking that someone else is responsible for the appalling falling off of Christian interest in things Christian. heīll look around, maybe heīs already heard one or two disgruntled parisioners complain about this Parfood fellow who seems to have no respect for anything, that he is perverting the youth, getting people to ask themselves questions they shouldnīt and all the rest of it.

Now murder is murder. About the only way to sanctify it is to do it in Godīs name...people are like that. If I can just be made out to be an enemy of God... problem is, which God? I certainly am no enemy to Ashur. Iīve tried like hell to let the world know his people still exist, albeit in a watered down and bastardized version...and Iīm willing to take on anyone at any time who tries to slight him...especially Christian Assyrians and neo-Nazis...fellow travellers if ever there were.

What have I got to lose? Youīre all gonna die, even if you think youīll spend an eternity on a marshmallow somewhere playing a harp for eternity, you still have to roll over and die...and the way most of you weep and wail youīd think down deep you didnīt believe all that nonsense either, but thatīs your business.

I want my children to be proud of being Assyrians...I donīt mean "Federation Proud" I mean really proud...fearless, cause thatīs the only way Life is worth the trouble...and about the only way you can enjoy what it offers.

Somewhere out there, a man waits to be prodded on, never directly of course...when did the Church ever speak in anything BUT tongues? But the "conditions" will be made right to rid our community of the sinner and traitor, the secret Moslem or Turk who is bringing us all down, exposing us, spreading lies etc. Itīs happened so many times before and it doesnīt mean the situation called for it then either...it just requires people who get unhinged easily, who threaten easily, who canīt accept harsh truths or mild ones or any that donīt conform with their own lowly opinion of themselves...an opinion they think can never be altered by any positive steps they might take but has to wait on divine intercession...from a divinity I am calling every name I can think of... and what else do we seem to produce but people not too well put together upstairs?

Another Assyrian is the ONLY one low enough for Assyrians to "stand up to". There is a humiliating truth for you. We only manage to fight among ourselves...with so much going for us, with the mightiest nation on earth eagerly waiting and willing to accept even these stupid monuments...we sit back on our haunches and pick at each other.

Assyrians love martyrs, wouldnīt it be funny if.....

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