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Posted by pancho ( on January 18, 2002 at 19:10:39:

In Reply to: Re: Incomplete Submission Time Again posted by Jeff on January 18, 2002 at 14:13:35:

I agree completely. It isn`t my responsibility, or my show. I don`t owe anyone anything and I`nm not leading anyone anywhere...and if people don`t has nothing to do with me. You don`t gain understanding by asking others to explain things to go out and seek explanations yourself FOR yourself...and those who do the same thing WILL understand, they don`t keep coming around whining for you to "explain yourself" as a shortcut for them because they are afraid or lazy...or on a "career course" they just can`t afford to give if the rest of us don`t want security and the rest of it.

I persist at these thingies even though every once in a while the word goes out that I am blocked and it`s safe for the usual blockheads to re appear...and I do it because I want them to draw a clear sharp outline around themselves that the more thoughtful among us can see them the better.

These Volcano guys, and BetBasso and WM the Dm and especially Aprim, they aren`t Assyrian at all...not in any meaningful can tell that because they shy as clear away from meaning as possible...they LOVE junk words and junk thoughts.

I know we carry our own defeat within us and I still pin the blame squarely on Christianity. Its basic tenets were never a part of our experience...and I don`t mean helping old ladies cross a street...there was plenty that was good and decent and kind and loving in Assyria and our religion and culture way before the Jews tossed Jesus out. Christians like to equate everything good including sliced bread with THEIR if the world was lost till they showed up to guide us all or kill us if we say "no thank you".

Christianity has unhinged us...made us accept the unacceptable here on earth because we might get to rule up there. If you believe such nonsense, and if it makes you offer up the throats of your children for the greater glory of god...then you are as sick as sick can be and we ARE sick.

For three years we advertised the Ashurbanipal monument...asked for help, asked for money, asked for advice. It wasn`t until the last moments of the entire process in San Francisco that Assyrians showed up...and they came there to insist the city NOT put up the monument because it was "historically inaccurate". Of course they were laughed out and we went ahead, but it was a sobering experience for us all. Needles to say those "activists" were never heard from again...they made nothing, offered nothing...just wanted to see something stopped because they thought it was wrong. The "wrongness" of having no presence in this country after 100 years, or being unknown in the world or among our own children never bothered them...just some detail on the monument wasn`t to their liking so it must not go up...and nothing in its place.

What was really shocking was when I asked William Daniel...the one who put them up to it because he "knew so much" why he hadn`t come forward with his expertise and advice earlier, when we could have discussed it and researched it and maybe made the changes...for I had seen him several times over the years and he knew Narsai and our efforts. His reply was amazing and shocking at the same time...he said..." I never thought you would actually do it".

Think about that for a while...and if you do, you`ll see why I want to show these people to you for what they are...because THEY will be the ones to wait, to sit back, to refuse to help, to refuse to move even...until you show signs of maybe succeeding at something...then in a rush and panic of envy and jealousy, things you can see they show plenty of...they will come out from hiding and try to stab you in the back...not because they really care about what you are trying to achieve, but because your success will be their failure...your success will be something they will have to measure their own puny or non existant efforts against and they haven`t the stomach for the truth of what they are, or the character to do anything about it. Take Francis Sarguis for example and the lie he created to damage Narsai...AAS be damned, and of course those "dear" Assyrians back home HE enjoyed so much visiting.

We HAVE no enemies, except the Moslems they keep trying to pit us remind us of 1235 and 1452 and 1789 and 1931 while remaining silent about 1991 to the present because now the Christians are doing the killing...and it isn`t the killing or the destruction they care is just that they HATE Moslems and are trying to build Assyria on a weird base of Christian Love that countenances the murder of Muslim babies.

These are not "nice" people...they try to act nice and talk nice and make a big deal out of not public...when all the time they lie, cheat, act the coward´s part and cheer on the destruction of Iraq in hopes that Assyria will magically emerge.

They will support nothing that makes peace in that region, OR has any chance of building up confidence among our young or getting us good press. They are scared like hell that we might actually think about accepting the facts on the ground...that the MidEast is as Muslim as it can be and Christians are a declining minority...for if that reality is allowed to stand, then as far as they are concerned every Assyrian there might as well serve some useful purpose and get his or her throat slit by a Muslim so maybe there will be "one last chance" or let it all burn and go to hell because these are Christians first and formost and NOT Assyrians....and a Muslim Iraq on what used to be Assyria is so awful a thing to them they would rather see it obliterated.

Sort of like the Arabs never allowing the Palestinians to do anything but live in overcrowded camps so the world will never forget the injustices they suffered... thereby making their lives even more miserable. So too do Batbasoo and the rest want us to remain pig ignorant, obscure, downtrodden and hopefully is the only way he can get revenge on the Muslims because his sister kissed one...and forced him to change his name.

These are petty, hate filled people who would turn on us in a minute if we show the slightest signs of really getting on with life and providing the best setting for our Heritage as we could. And we can do whatever we want to because our Heritage is respected and revered...I know it...I sat and watched white people look at us and talk about us...and the Betbassoos and Hajjars and so many other patriots and scholars and experts are scared witless that Assyria will not need their small minded contributions to our GRATNESS!

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