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Posted by pancho ( on January 19, 2002 at 11:54:26:

In Reply to: From aina, with love posted by Jeff on January 19, 2002 at 00:31:02:

Like water in the dessert.

I believe my own claim more and more...that these Assyrians are nothing more than Christians with an overdeveloped sense of inferiority for which they compensate by saying they are descended from the ancients...whom in the next breath they consign to Pagan Hell and hug themselves all over the place because they are now True if that were something to brag about.

They resent most fiercely having been shown the door in the Mideast when it was a forgeone conclusion that anyone who believed as Christ REALLY did would get the treatment Christ the hands of the Romans no less who then went on to become the world leaders in Christianity...go figure. As I have maintained any number of times, a troop of Boy Scouts could have taken Assyria away from these sorts of Assyrians.

All they have left to cling to is their hatred of all things Moslem, which includes Iraq. These are the kinds of people who would love a child or brother or sister of theirs until he she or it turned Moslem, or maried one, or dated one...then they would spurn that person no matter how dear he she or it was...just because they were now "traitors" Ashur??? No way...but to that jew carpenter and his madman of a father. Assyrians do not behave in this fashion and never have.

It is these very antics of people like BetJasmin or whatever it is this week, Wm the Dm, Fred Aprim, and others who have forced many of us to drop the Assyrian identity...and for that we should be horsewhipped...for leaving these punks and skunks to inherit the palace that Ashur built and go around the world today "explaining" us and embarrassing us roundly too, to the world...when they dare venture out at night.

Shame on us...shame on us for electing Jackie Bejan Quean of Assyria...for "elevating" Atour Golani, a confirmed liar, to the presidency of that muck of a Federation and the rest of this pack of leaders so bereft of qualifications and qualitites that they feel comfortable coming to us for we are so low anyway, what do we care who calls him or herself an Assyrian LEEDER.

This is the thing that has to change or we are over and done with...dragged to hell by Bibgo Leaders and retired and part time sages and philosophers. We need a whole other class of entirely diferent definition of the word because as it stands now and has for some be Assyrian means to be bigoted, sexist, racist, proud of ones unintelligibillity, mean spirited, callow, phoney, unlettered, two faced, ready to stab an Assyrian in the back who dares point to another way etc.

We need a New Assyrian and that will encompass any Chaldean and Japanese or other person who wishes us well and is willing to do the work it will take to revive this Heritage...left for dead on a Bingo parlor floor in the basement of a cut rate Hotel that takes our cash for three days of Assyrian Pride and Glory! What scares these other types is that we might just learn to work with the people of Iraq, ALL OF THEM, in preserving what remains of one of the worldīs most underrated and magnificent civilizations...buried under the detritus of this Judeo Christian thing that makes Assyrians hate themselves so.

These others will do anything, ANYTHING they can to sabotage and undermine any efort to grow up and live in the world as it is, and not as they remember it from 1234 AD or BC.

Whatever is positive, whatever will give pride to our youth and elevate this Heritage is anathema to Aprim, Gassman, BetJasmine, WMdm and so many many more. But I have a secret...these people will not be able to build anything, so consumed with hate and fear and jealousy are they, thatīs why they took off after me and why Francis snapped at Narsaiīs heels...and they will not be able to stop anything either...not for the long haul...we will roll right over them, you can hear them squealing already...for they know...

They already lost.

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