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Posted by pancho ( on January 19, 2002 at 14:46:28:

ODD...I mean the moment they block me these other guys come forward. They`ll say..."see we can`t write when he is taking up the entire space" if the machinery couldn`t handle the repititious twadle they spill at intervals AND my nonsense. The truth is they don`t dare come up with this stuff as long as I can post a other words, turkeys from Turkey who no more understand pluralism or cooked meat then they do about being Assyrian. any way...

I know of no specific Moslem community which identifies itself as Assyrian and not as Arab, Turk, Kurd or Persian.

===If what you knew or didn`t know were the measure of things...there would be more like you.

If there is such community let it come forward and say so as proudly as the Christian Assyrian do.

====Is THAT what you call this stuff you guys do...PRIDE?

Only then one can claim that there are indeed moslem Assyrians.

===Told you before...the way you Christians have structured the argument, a Moslem has to FIRST convert to Christianity before being able to admit to being Assyrian...the way you see it. That isn`t the way it is at all. Moslem Assyrians have a lot more to live for than the glory that ONCE was...they have a modern role to play, running their own countries and dodging your bombs. You have nothing but the dim past...the old old days when you were "somebody". Nothing has happened for you in ages...Moslem Assyrians are very busy as you can imagine...and their ancient history is only one part of their identity...just like you are mostly just Christian and speak talk write preach and piss nothing but Christianity...not a damn thing in the world for or as an Assyrian. It is ALL you have...and look what you do with it, and to is only ONE part of being a Muslim Assyrian...and look who is protecting our treasures while you Christians egg the US on to destroy it all.

I am sure there are individuals here and there that do so but that is an exception to the rule. One can not be Arab, Turk, Kurd, Persian and be Assyrian at the same time.

====Can one be an American and bomb his Homeland and be an Assyrian? Try claiming to be a loyal American after moving to Afghanistan and bombing New York..

For the last 1400 years Christian Assyrians have gone their way and those who converted to Islam have gone another.

===And Assyrians who didn`t convert to either...or who reclaimed their Assyrian religion have gone and are going their own way too...the rest of you can go to hell for all it matters to Assyrians.

If what a people call themselves, their religion, their ethology, their culture and their language does not set them apart from other nationalities than there is no such thing as national identity.

===You have to be able to jumble all things together to be an Assyrian by these guys`definition. Anyone who seeks clarity is a traitor and a Muslim. It would be too tedious to disentangle the jumble WM calls his reasoning. Let it go, he doesn`t matter anywhere anyway.

In such a case even chinese, Japanese or any other nation can be considered Assyrian by us even though they do not identify themselves as such.

======And no Assyrian who supports the destruction of his Homeloand and advocates and pays for the security of Israel and sits around hoping enough of his people suffer so the world will feel "sorry" for him, can be an Assyrian, no matter how loud he claims to be one.

As far as genetic is concerned it is true that intermarriage happens in all nationalities but there is a difference between when others join a nation and those who depart from it. Those who join are assimilated within the nation and those who depart are assimilated away from it and lost forever.

===You HAVE no "nation". Funny how you get specific, you wish, when it suits you, then fall all over yourself in sloppy referencing. There is no Assyrian nation...there isn`t even a community properly speaking. What we have are gangs and clans and clubs. To be assimilated into THIS congeries of madmen you would have to leave the Human Race altogether.

As for the Assyrians of Urmi marrying Armenians the recent genetic studies indicate that Assyrian of Urmi had no common genetic resemblance to the Armenians and the Iraqi Moslems have more in common with the Kurd's Genetic makeup than that of the Assyrians.

=====What recent studies...what the hell are you talking about?

Frank Only those who would want our people to become extinct would want to tear down the barriers between us and other nationalities which have contributed to the survival of our people to this day.


Your English sucks but what does it matter. Barriers...WHAT mean that nasty little streak we have that condemns everything that isn`t Christian? It seems to me people can pretty much have their way with our women, our children and our property. What "protection". You call running to these Christians...these "fake" ones you nonetheless fawn all over...even when they destroy our homelands... protection? I`d hate to see what you use for a condom.

Removal of christianity as an important part of being Assyrian would destroy our identity and result in our dissapearance because of intermarriage between our people and other Moslem nationalities.

====Ya damnfool...we ARE disappearing and it is in large part thanks to this dipsy religion of yours...that and the fact that the followers of this religion of yours are now killing our people and making a wasteland of our homelands...what used to be known as a fertile crescent is now a spent bomb casing.

Frank if my son becomes moslem he is still Assyrian but who knows what his descendants would be 200 years from now.

===The same way an Assyrian parent felt as he watched his children turn Christian centuries ago...and you answered your own question when you asked what would happen several generations down the road...look at you.

I am sure they will not identify themselves as Assyrians therefore they will not be considered as Assyrians.

wm warda

===You mean to tell me all one has to do is "identify" oneself as Assyrian...and be a Christian of course...and presto..he IS an Assyrian?

====Go down to the Immigration Department and "identify" yourself as an American and see where it gets you. Thank god these things are far beyond your reach,,,that you have no influence anywhere but in this cyber world. You guys hide for good reason I guess.

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