there is no Moslem Assyrians!

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Posted by David ( on January 19, 2002 at 17:07:02:

Who ever claim's that . he has no knowledge about Assyrian history or he has been brian washed by those kind of fortune Hunters which call themselves servant of christ or Assyrian priest (Assyrian way of Christianity) By now after over seven thuosand years history which is the only think we have to brag about there should have been millions of us aruond the world ,what happened ? did we shrank as a cheap material ? where all those Arab moslems or some jews or Iranians came From ?
Once I was told by a very high rank Iranian agent that they don't trusy Assyrians in their country becuase they rather to have names As Elizabet , Albert , Charly or jenifer than their Assyrian names or some persian names As Farhad , Jamshid or Mondana etc...
We were so protective to keep our christianity by having those Europian names or been knowen Assyrian by those none Assyrian names yet we lost alot and more the trust of the people who refuged us!

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