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Posted by pancho ( on January 19, 2002 at 19:07:37:

All these years, since 1978 when I first began going to conventions and exhibiting and meeting their presidents and speaking at banquets and getting to know the upper crumbs of our crust...something has been bothering me...something just didnīt ring true. If these guys were really interested in promoting our Heritage, they sure did sure have a fur surely peculiar way of doing it. In fact...if you didnīt listen to their own propaganda youīd swear they were dead set on ruining it forever by an unbeatable combination of muddling up our history and culture with religion and chasing away anyone with the slightest ability to tell his ass from his head.

I put it all down to this Christian thing that says you have to sacrifice what is dearest to you in order to get a reward in the sky someplace...and never mind how much shit they force feed you...or you gobble down yourself cause you decide it really does taste pretty good.

But that canīt explain it all. It doesnīt explain why they took off after me...as I stood there like a dummy saying, "but geez guys, donīt you WANT to be respected in America and welcomed and accepted and all that"? It doesnīt explain why Aprim can not "see" the logic in Davidīs figures taken from UN reports yet relies for his Hysteria on books he never produces written in 1265. And nothing explains the Gassman.

It has only just started to dawn on me that this all has to do with that generation who either just got off the boat, or were immeresed in that culture and force fed from an early age by zealous parents...sort of like Palestinian kids are raised to commit suicide...when they arenīt murdered outright.

The only Assyrians who will EVER do anything for this Heritage where it counts, at least counts first...will be those in the developed countries, America, Europe and Australia...and they will be those who for long periods of time NEVER dreamed of doing any such thing. The power resides there, the mechanisms and foundations and organizations, the structure and methodology and precedent are all there waiting to be used. And it will be the people who come to this thing "clean" even ignorant at first of the fine points, that will do it.

The generation that is still in Turkey or Syria or Iraq, in their heads, will do no one any good. All they will do is play the role of "spoiler"...they are the ones who wonīt attend a meeting because they are too busy...wonīt add to any project because they are too busy...wonīt get involved with anything because they are too busy...then when anything is ready to bear fruit they will find the time to show up with what they will tell you is a Nationalistic AXE and chop you into pieces for the sake of "purity" or "historical accuracy".

We have to win back those who ran screaming in the night. These others, the Hajjars and Wms and Aprims and Betwhatevers and the rest will never do anything constructive, thatīs not the way they are put together. They suffer from a raging inferiority complex probably for no other reason than Moslems can pee farther than they can...all they want to do is destroy Moslems and Iraq so long as it is Moslem. They will NEVER admit that any Assyrians over there are hurting because they donīt care...but also because it would just "look" bad.

Remember how they raised a stink over Akbulut, that "hero" made of the same inferior stuff they are, and that other fellow whose picture they splashed all over because he was arrested in Iraq...and also the beloved "martyrs"...where would they be without dead Assyrians. Yet these same people will say NOTHING about the dead Assyrian children being starved to death by Christians with Assyrian Christian blessings for the last 12 years....not a thing...not even at the fun fest Jackie Bejan threw for herself to weep and sip champagne over our dear poor martyrs...not a peep.
Do you really believe they care about Assyrians anywhere...or that they are just itching to promote our Heritage? Of course not...you could tell if they did.

No wonder Peter Betwhatever said a year ago that any mention of the Shumirum and Nimrod was a personal matter between the two of us over MONEY and had nothing to do with and was of no interest to Assyrians. Oh really? And I suppose the world waits with bated breath for Aprims book???

What will these guys do if I go back to Iraq and am welcomed as a sculptor who made a mark in America for the Assyrians whom the Iraqis consider RIGHTLY as great ancestors of theirs? Get this, the Iraqis have more respect for Ashurbanipal than do the Jews...who gave you all Jesus...put that in your pipes and choke on it. What will they do if I am asked to put up a statue in Baghdad and present one to America on behalf of the people NOT the government of Iraq, because you know one day this idiocy will stop and they will all kiss and make up...you know they will...and THEN where will these Assyrian Christians from Hell be.

No wonder they called me an Arab, dragged my father out of his grave, called him a traitor...my father, whose own father worked like a dog to open one hospital in Iraq for Assyrians... said my sculpture, OUR sculpture, was crap...let Andreas do his "best" HA HA to "answer" me even going so far as allowing that Kraut nut case to slander our ancestors...anything, ANYTHING to keep the anger and divisiveness raging among us so we never unite or even call a truce and look around us to see what can be done, in a practical and timely fashion to reverse this depressing trend. Aprim BetWhatever and the rest will be as satisfied as hell when there ARE no Assyrians left except THEM...croaking about how pure they are about how they are the last of a dead great breed...and if they have to maneuver it so that the rest of us get killed or lose interest then so be it...better DEAD than RED...remember...how about better DEAD than MOSLEM!!!!

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