Julia the Hysteric Lorelei

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Posted by pancho ( on January 19, 2002 at 19:21:54:

When she was Julia she all but flew up my nose...instant messaged me, pleaded with me to "explain" myself. I donīt know where these people come from. Why the hell am I obligated to explain anything to her or anyone else. She has determined all by herself that I SHOULD be doing something...or doing what I am doing differently. Why? Whatīs it to her. Has she solved all her own problems she must advise me?

Seems to me she has her hands full going to school. If she doesnīt have the time or inclination to got out and do a little looking around herself...why does that make it incumbent on me to do it for her...or share what I picked up, especially as I can see clearly she would never understand it.

Oh god how I remember college daze, before I got kicked out and then left anyway. How I remember those pimply darlings, birth control pills and joints and Books Books Books in hand...having deep conversations (well...they WERE to them!) in coffee shops that went something like..."Neitzsche (never could spell the fools name)says that Kant kant have meant that Shopenhauer was right about Hoopdidoodle because the etiological"....I usually ran out at that point.

College gives people a chance to experience what others did and learned, while paying the salaries of some people who would be lost without the work. It goes to your head if you let it...if you have one left after high school in this country.

Anyway. Since Julia is asking all the questions and I canīt answer her at aina...a college student would accept that, and since I wouldnīt answer her anyway...let it go. God...what a BORE!

Hey...Julia, go haunt someone else.

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