aina Comes Clean

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Posted by pancho ( on January 20, 2002 at 19:11:15:

FROM AINA..."This discussion of "Muslim Assyrians" is irresponsible, and only serves to weaken our cohesion and resolve. If you are truly interested in serving the Assyrian nation, then start an inter-denominational dialog. Unite those who are closest to you first, then proceed to bigger things. That is you challenge.

Henceforth, any post discussing Muslim Assyrians will be removed, and all of its replies as well.

There are many other fruitful dialogs we can engage in."

++++Does anything more need to be said about the motives of the people at aina? There is a hate mongering fest going on among many of these Christians...who between them could give a good goddamn about the state of our Heritage and Homelands TODAY! They are warpped up in Simele and 1234 and 1915...and still they have managed to learn nothing from those events either.

These people want blood revenge, like the most base and primitive tribesman...which is what they are all descended from anyway. I'd say that a good test of the mental stability and sincerity of anyone wishing to discuss these topics would be at least the acceptance of the idea that there might well be Muslim Assyrians who have more important things to do than concoct history and sit at keyboards all day in the United States while the patriotic Christians here bomb and ravage their country...the supposedly dear BetNahrain these guys are paying to have destroyed.

We hit them on their one undead nerve...finally. Something just seemed weird about all this professed love of Assyria while taking great delight in the war against those hapless people and the dragging up and magnifying of every flaw in a country fighting for its life...while ignoring such glaring facts as the continual starvation of OUR CHILDREN.

These people are far more Christian and American than they are Assyrian. Their days are numbered, they will not be able to stop the flow of events and it is flowing away from mindless support of America's mindless policy and towards a realization that the past has to be buried if we don't want to go on burying the present.

David Chibo was okay by them until he raised this topic... in as respectful a manner as possible. That's why they instantly shut it down...they knew that his calm and measured and intelligent approach would stymie them all. They used the swearing argument to ban me...and I gave it to them. I need no friends such as these...I wanted to know quickly what they were made of, and I found out quickly too. Turns out it isn't being ill mannered or foul mouthed or any of that they fear and is being David and Jeff and Alli and so many more out there who will take courage and regain interest and come join us all. What will their Aprims and Wms and BetWhatevers and Jatous do then? They will run screaming in the night like they used to make US do!!! Good riddance and it's ABOUT TIME!!!

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