Dankha Zomaya does Inaccurate Sculpture

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Posted by pancho ( on January 22, 2002 at 10:47:03:

Had to chuckle at the guys work. Donīt get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with any of it...itīs kinda cute, another minimalist trying to make the most of it.

But it seemed to me the figures were "anatomically inaccurate". I mean you can sort of tell that one is a goat and the other a rooster and another one a person...but you could get them wrong too.

Alexander Calder had a way with whimsical wire sculpture and Picasso certainly enjoyed pulling the outlandish out of the ordinary. But the cultures which appreciated their work also made room for a Rodin or Bourdelle...ahem.

I mean why did my sculpture have to receive such a drubbing? Why, you ask? Thatīs simple, because I was extolling our Heritage, showing it off as something strong and vital...something to be proud of, in THIS day and age and by US. This is something Christian Assyrians cannot abide. They, like Ross, want praise for us ONLY because we had the good sense to turn Christian...Iīm reminded of the man who told a young Hitler that someone had taken a dump in his brain and forgot to flush.

Our glorious ancient Heritage...at LEAST as valuable as the Jewīs...is nothing more than a sacrifice for them, made on the altar of Christianity, a sort of penance for ever having been what the Jews say we were.

Thatīs why my sculpture was allowed to be slammed and slimmed by that Kraut from hell especially...he was doing a service to "us" like Gassman said and he was allowed carte blanche to do it. Even Raman finally had enough and admonished Anreas Tleqa not to cast aspersions on our great Hammurabi OR the sculpture of him...to which Tleeqa came back with that sly hint about Raman not REALLY valuing the ancients...not more than the CHRISTIANS????

If I could get on aina, and dared offer even a mild critique of these glorified coat hangers, do you suppose they would allow it without setting up a howling protest and defense of an artistīs sacred right to be allowed blah blah blah. They would accuse me of jealousy....ahem!

I especially love the comment by one patriot there complaining that the show should have been closer to his house so he wouldnīt have to drive 100 miles to support our Grat Culture. Lord Lord...where DID these people come from?

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