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Posted by pancho ( on January 22, 2002 at 12:57:48:

Okay...this wont win me any friends...why start now. The following is a eulogy, or a recipe, or directions for assembling something...I canLt tell which with any certainty...read it first...

Written by for Michael Cudi on 20 Jan 2002 21:09:57:

Dear friend Michael Cudi

we will never forget you.

You give your life for our Nation.

we will never forget our martyrs.

The martyrs will never die.

You will always remain like all other martyrs into our heart. Always. We will never forget you.

You are a true Suryoyo, you fight for our people. You give your life for our nation. For your nation, because we in the Diaspora are losers here. And no more may not rank themselves among this nation. And we are the losers, we here in Europe and U.S.A us around our homeland do not care, but only our fun want.

We never forget you Michael Cudi.
The martyrs will never die.

Now I assume that Michael Cudi didnLt write this for himself and then get martyred. I would also have to assume that Michael Cudi is dead...and that he is someone I should know about...either that or this is just a personal note from a friend trying to take advantage of the one sure fire way there is to be loved in this Grat Nayshun...get murdered.

Aside from that it is done in an atrocious hand using I know not what subjects and verbs and all of that. I donLt even know from reading it what he did, how he got martyred and when...neither do I know why it is relevant to anything. People die all the time, itLs hardly a new thing.

If someone seriously wants to commemorate another person or an event...why would he speak in tongues? Why cause people to burst out laughing or say the equivalent of..." Say WHAT???"

Who has less respect for Michael Cudi, the friend of his who decided to provide us all with this connundrum...or the one who simply canLt figure it out, and says so?

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