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Posted by pancho ( on January 22, 2002 at 14:33:44:

Atour Golani, president of the Federation, is hosting a Federation function at which he is going to explain about our culture and how to promote it and other things he has absolutely no idea of. When has that stopped our leedership?

We have to get over this thing about not criticising our own... these arenīt children after all whose feelings are not yet formed and whose self esteem is fragile...hmmmm. And the same people so sensistive to being criticised think nothing of having paintings removed, sculptures tossed out, along with the sculptor etc. If we donīt ask for more mature behavior from them they will go periodically apeshit and throw tantrums...the same people who insist you respect them, no matter what. If we held them to a higher standard we might get more even tempered people, certainly more mature ones. As it stands now working for Assyria means a bunch of people with time on their hands, even if they have to make the time by neglecting their families...and then expecting us to be grateful to them for the efforts they make. No one just wants an eager want to be asured that the doctor knows how to tie his shoes too.

Atour is the last person on earth to discuss culture...a man who thinks nothing of welding a sculptorīs pieces for him, hardly understands the Law let alone culture. This is the same man who handed me a pre dated contract asking me to give up my right to free speech...ordering me not to mention the Federation or the Shumirum before he would let me show my sculpture...that all the others there could sell their work except me...who added a lie right there on the spot that the other artists had agreed to kick back a percentage to the Federation. I asked Hannibal Alkhase and Issa Benyamin if they had even heard of such a thing and they both said they hadnīt and that if they had been told such a thing they would not have come...I mean the nearest thing to declaring bankruptcy at the start of your business career as an artist is to come sell your works to on top of that have to give a percentage to anyone is just driving a nail through your heart as well. It is as if they are trying every way they can to STOP you from being an Assyrian artist...all but throwing you out of the community...which they did to me.

The man is a liar, confirmed, who trades on his tears for Nineveh, who commits the grossest acts of vandalism against an artistīs work, on top of which he even lied about the convention being called off for Detroit. I thought something was fishy when he and Janey kept repeating that no matter what they tried, the Hyatt in Dearborn flat out refused ro allow them near the place...and this is the guy who pens a letter his teen age son would have had to re write or flunk basic English the president of the United States...who probably understood it perfectly...and who will stand there explaining our culture and what it needs.

I think I am going to send in my plans for a better Ford Explorer than those guys seem to be able to make.

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