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Posted by parhad ( on October 06, 2001 at 07:49:26:

In Reply to: Some thoughts posted by El Jefe on October 06, 2001 at 01:36:50:

Here's what you reminded me of... that what is called "idealism" in young people, just as when I was your age, is the heart and soul of being Human. Disillusionment isn't really that at all. How many people have said, "if I had known how hard it would be, I wouldn't have done it." I know damn well I've felt that way many times.

We Human Beans NEED the idealistic hopes of us humans when we are young. We need someone to believe in an "Impossible Dream". If we started out in life the same old farts we grow up to be, there never would have been any change, growth or development...we'd still be in caves eating raw many are still today.

Your enthusiasm, especially for the Hammurabi monument, reminded me of how I felt when I started the first monument twenty years ago, at a time when I was hardly a "Yoot"...but naive enough to think Assyrians would welcome such a thing, at least that none of them would set out to systematically frustrate and destroy such efforts.

That enthusiasm saved this project, I can tell you. For no matter how much money $150,000.00 sounds isn't worth the headache, heartache...and it certainly isn't worth being broke each and every time one of these projects ends. I know no one believes that, and the only way to prove it is to walk away from a project...and brother was I itching to walk on this one. I wont now...and it was because of you, NOT the checks and buyers etc.

Someday you too will be an old fart, doesn't'd look silly be an idealistic Yoot all your life. But things get done, we old farts see Hope...see the "change" we all need to refresh Life and make it bearable and wonderful, only so long as there are idle dreamers and "clueless" people who, thankfully, don't know that something "wont work".

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