Is Iraq Next???

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Posted by pancho ( on January 22, 2002 at 20:00:35:

The more I read that title line at aina, the more it begins to seem to me that it is a hopeful in WHEN will Iraq be next? It makes more sense the more I think about those turkeys from Turkey, and especially all the Tools and Implements with no names and manufactured names who have appeared like fungus after a good rain.

You know...if I wanted to do any harm to Assyrians back home, I would move to Chicago and set up a forum or paper or something, and I would begin to tout the religion of those killing Iraq...and I would emphasize and announce and blow up and seek out every single instance of any abuse of an Assyrian in Iraq. I would call the Iraqi regime the worst since Hitler, I would cast all sorts of doubts about anyoneīs sincerity or good intentions, and I would especially try to give a black eye to every person or organization that was trying to help our people...or normalize relations so that the Iraqi people could breathe a little.

Thatīs what I would do if I wanted to hurt our people back there, if I thought that we have to destroy it in oreder to save short, I would set up aina...and bethsuryoyo and Gassman is already doing all one Ratfink can do to both muddy the waters and develop weapons of massbaby destruction for the US to use over there.

If I wanted to save and protect the few of us left back there and the incredible treasures that will make the world sit up and take notice...before they are all destroyed and all we have are broken Jewish pots and pans and that mound of rubble known as the Wailing Wall...I would try to make peace between the people there who have to live on the ground.

I think it should be becomming clear to any right thinking person that these forums exist to inflame the Assyrian Christian population in this country which will hopefully in turn inflame the Muslim our priests have ever that enough murdered Assyrians can be hoisted aloft and transformed into glorious this ridiculous and vain hope that some Western Christian country will finally feel sorry for us and give us a country no one is going to want to go live in anyway. Iīve seen the West have all of us had that opportunity...I wouldnīt count too much on their sense of pity or justice...and just why do we have to become pathetic and bleed some more and lose some more and get displaced some there no other way to get what we want...what we say we want. Did Peter get his job by falling on the floor at the employment office, ripping his hair to shreds and weeping copiously? Is that the best presentation we can make?

I told you...these Christian Assyrians are into scarifice big time...they want our Heritage dragged into the mud and yuck, mostly because itīs the only place they feel comfortable themselves, but also because if it aint Christian, then it might as well die.

They care nothing for and have only contempt and hatred, for those still back there...especially if they try to STAY and live and accept that the country is Muslim...that whatever heyday there was for Christianity has long been over.

Iīd say forget Simele...remember Baghdad...remember all the Assyrians who live there and died there...remember Mosul and Basra, where atomic waste will kill and cripple children for generations to come...I say remember all the victims of this travesty and stop playing favorites, for those you love will be killed by those you inflame to hatred, who canīt reach you in Chicago or Turlock or San Jose.

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