I Canīt Resist

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Posted by pancho ( on January 22, 2002 at 20:23:04:

First of all you all have to know that Jackie Bejan has a mouth on her as foul as Gassmans...I know, I had to eat with her too. Also that she has as much class as she has gold coming out her backsides. She is well spoken, I will give her that, but that comes from being a loan officer or bank teller or some such thing...another great leeder we produce who doesnīt want to stay home so she discovers we need her terribly.

I got a chuckle out of her first Commemoration of the Martyrs. First off she told me she and I both knew it was all crap...but use it if you can benefit. I donīt know quite where the benefit to her was, but I know there had to be one...she invests in nothing unless there is a good return. I might be her first bankruptcy.

She was soo pleased with the announcements or invitations she sent out to the Martyrs Banquet...and as a friend of mine said...if she can do us some good, let her preen and strut. I agree, let her...but I thought it was cute too the way she set the program up. I canīt remember if the champagne reception and brunch was before the presentation about raped Assyrian girls or after. Or maybe it was after the showing of that horrendous film with all the corpses. Anyway you can count on Jackie to get the biggest bang out of her buck.

Now watch...she and the others are copying these all down and are seriously going to present them as evidence of what a bad man I am and why they just had to lie and cheat and ruin my business and ability to feed my children. And I hope they do, oh god I hope they do...Iīm only afraid that they will get a lawyer who will say..."are you crazy?". But if not...I want to see the judges face when he asks them or their lawyer, what the hell my writings have to do with the issue? Long on rhetoric, short on logic...that sounds like them all over, especially Atour...boy is HE short!

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