This Is Intelligents???

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Posted by pancho ( on January 23, 2002 at 13:01:14:

A ®challenging®position from in...WHA????

What shall we say to the ignorants ?

Itís really a bad side or a shortcoming of the Internet and in particular the forums or chat rooms that you encounter peoples from different classes of society , from the intellectuals , educated , well informed persons in one side and the ignorants , uneducated , unknowledgeable persons from the other side whom job or obsession is just criticizing every thing they read or encounter in different WebSites as a way for showoff or exhibitionism or even jealousy from the level or proficiency of writing for some people . I am not against the criticism if itís mentioned in a logical and objective manner and the person who criticize knows well what the topic or subject he is talking about , but when the responses become a kind of rubbish , scum material , then it is not a criticism , as it become a kind of ridiculous attack or mere meaningless boom . Itís not difficult for me or to anyone to go down in his words and say insults and talk in impolite style and bad manner , but what is the benefit from such act ? nothing except the joy for our enemy . I think that the prudent one who have a good wise words to say , let him say it , and the ignorant who does not have such wise words , itís better if he shut up his mouth and relieve us from his hasty interferences . Dr. Ghassan Shahin

====Now what the hell do you suppose he was trying to say? They seem to have the battle of the doctors going on over at aina. These astute comments are supposed to be the better things we should be discussing...according to those who can neither read, write, spell etc...but who call in the night complaining that there is no room for their twaddle.

Let me show real Patriotootism you must refrain from commenting on this dribble...because if you do, well then you are playing into the hands of the "enemy". As the famous Englishman said..."Patriotootism is the final refuge for the scoundrel."

This is more Soviet Era style reasoning...I love the way each of them asks for logic and reason, when they mean you have to agree with them or you are being illogical. When one of our Neo Assyrians mentions logic or reason,we can at least spell it,and we can at the least take on any ten of these turkeys...the only way these intelligents doctors...and I donīt believe for a minute either one is a doctor... can display their intelligents is when there is no one by to contradict them or even ask them a question. I blame their Mommies...who were crippled by the Daddies...who treated Mommaīs little darlings every drool and stool as if it were gold.

I could lay off of them, but I want to make certain that everyone undestands these guys are an inferior product trying to pass themselves off as Assyrians...when they havenīt achieved Coherence yet.

By all means, let em slide...they do our work for us marvellously well.

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