He FROZE To death???

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Posted by pancho ( on January 23, 2002 at 13:31:31:

Commemoration of Mihayel ( Cudi)

To remember and mourn comrade Mihayel (Cudi), all over the Homeland and Europe mourning events are organised: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria. We are inviting all the groups of our people, friends and sympathisants to commemorate comrade Mihayel ( Cudi) and hereby recognising his struggle for the freedom of our people.

Yours sincerely,

GHB (Mesopotamia Freedom Party) Central Committee 18.01.2002

===Okay, with all due respect for anyone who dies...it is still not clear how dying in the snow makes you a martyr. I mean dying while having sex hardly qualifies either, neither does falling off a roof or perishing in a car accident. People die all the time. Why this mad push to turn every one of them into a martyr...well, it is one way of inflaming people for it seems he must have died while bravely doing something or other...something he didnīt HAVE to do...but his conscience made him do it.

No one in this country, or any other civilized place has so many manufactured martyrs...most people would be embarrassed to stick this designation onto someone who got lost in the snow...even the Israelis have never called the dead children...on their side, "martyrs". And another thing, this "cadre" and "comrade" business went by the board long ago. Where did these people come from...what exactly are they doing out there in the snow anyway? Whose side are they on?

So long as they die from losing their way or tripping over their own feet I suppose there is no real danger, except to them...but if the day comes when these guys AGAIN fall for some Christian line about how the West will help them...well, from the looks of it, these freedom cadres, whatever those are...are well on their way to buying that line...all over again.

And guess what will happen. You think they will win this time? You figure theyīll manage to find their way when they have to? I have no faith at all. I am as sorry that he died lost in the snow as I am for the thousands who have died at the end of a gun or wasting away and screaming in pain in a hospital ward that isnīt any more. Why no mention of these statistics too?

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