H.G. Wells and US

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Posted by parhad ( on October 06, 2001 at 10:38:03:

What does it profit a nation to have an ignorant and easily swayed population? There might be some benefit to those who wish to control public opinion, to be able to lead people by their noses rather than educate them...but in the end the nation's will and energy are sapped till their overall apathy and utter confusion and inability to see simple facts head-on makes them fit subjects only for mattress stuffing and canon fodder.

How can the American people EVER have bought the "babies toosed from incubators"...gotten furious over it when lied to by their leaders and a media increasingly serving as a public relations outlet for it's Corporate owners...and then turned right around and shown no remorse whatsoever as the depressing truth of 12 years of killing real babies through disease and starvation became a daily fact of life...just across the border from where the alleged and now known to be false, "tossing" took place? What's the difference IN BABIES??? How did one six month old baby girl become an "enemy" of the most powerful nation on earth...and the other, a few hundred miles away, become its "friend"??

How can you get excited about something that never happened...and show no interest in a far worse crime that REALLY HAPPENED...and is happening right up till today? How do you "educate" young people to be that hapless...how do you teach "morality" and make Christians out of such people?

And now, when a fraction of the acumulated misery this country has heaped on others for years, either because they didn't "like" them...or because they THOUGHT they knew about them...or more likely because they had the oil or bananas or tin or magnesium or lands this nation coveted...and not even for the benefit of the people of America, but those same old Robber Barons and Monopolists who brought us war after war and misery after misery disguised as protecting "our Way Of Life"...how do you get them to be so self-righteosly outraged that anyone would dare attack good old, freedom loving old THEM!

Our way of life does NOT demand such rank hypocrisy and bloodshed and theft...if anything American ideals demand just the opposite. It is the unbridled lust for Corporate profits, capitalism run amuck and buying politicians by the dross that has brought us here, and it will be good sense and conscience of the American people that will save us.

In H.G. Wells', "The Time Machine"...a scientist travels to a future where humans have been turned to empty headed pretty things, kept in blissful ignorance and child-like innocence...allowed to wander freely through a Garden of Eden-like paradise without a thought or care, their every need met for them through the unseen machinations of a race of white-haired and blue-eyed Devils who dwell underneath the ground where strange machinery with eerily familiar smokestacks protruding above the ground, hum and churn all day and night.

There is a Temple with massive doors to which the Eloy, the innocent ones above ground, are hypnotically drawn whenever what looks like a Bull horn with a "god's" face blasts a piercing whistle...like the ones that called workers to the coal mines in Wells' England. The Temple doors open at this signal and admit a number of Eloys who walk in as if entranced till enough have entered at which time the whistle stops, the doors close and the remaining Eloy scamper off like children on holiday from school...no memory of what transpoired and not a thought as to the fate of their fellows, or what might be their own someday.

The Eloy who pass through the Temple doors are quickly eaten by the Trogs, the hideous underground beasts who've devised this perfect world above ground where they herd their "cattle" and fatten them up for consumption. It's a crude metaphor, but an effective one too, for what the populace had become to the smoke stack belching machinery put in place by the Industrialist Trogs of that day...and our own as well...FOOD.

I was reminded of the conditions the Eloys lived in, the "Paradise looking" effect of it all which kept them serene and undisturbed as they were prepared for slaughter and consumption....I was reminded of that when station managers put out a list of 1,500 songs they felt should not be played on the radios of this nation at a "sensitive" time like this. I was reminded of it as well when I heard that images of the Trade Towers were being removed from movies and TV shows lest the populace get "upset". Soon, it is hoped, people will forget all about it and fly the skies and shop and go out to dinner as if nothing happened...except that the laws which protect us all somewhat from being turned entirely into cattle will be abolished slowly...and we'll be THANKFULL for it.

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