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Posted by Sam.D. ( on January 24, 2002 at 06:00:34:

In Reply to: Re: Arabs and Israel posted by David on January 23, 2002 at 23:29:55:

: BinLadin, Molah Omar ,Emom Madi , are just names ! just like us Here "We are A Number" the important issue is who is paying them to say or to do SO ?

The U.S. possesses technology capable of reading a newspaper headline with one their spy satellites. They can put a cruise missile down a rabbit warren and plant it up the rabbit's rear. They can practically tell you what you were thinking yesterday at precisely AM 10:23 and 54 seconds, what you will think of tomorrow, and why you will be thinking it. Yet, with all this technological splendour, with a defence budget greater than most nations' GDP, they are incapable of finding the highest profile terrorist in the world?
I would have thought Baby Bush would be thanking buddy Osama for his actions. I mean, his popularity was down in the gutter (now it's at a record breaking high). The economy was, and I suppose still is, a little flat. We all know what impact on an economy a well timed act of aggression can have (remember 1991?). The defence forces are about to receive a massive injection of a further 48 billion dollars in spending (now tell me what chance bubba Bush would have had of getting that through without a war to blame it on). Laws are being passed almost daily, and speedily passed through parliament, which are ever so slowly but surely eroding the civil liberties for which the founding fathers of the nation fought and died.
When you stand back and look at all the pieces in the puzzle, you need not be a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that this is not mere coincidence. Things don't JUST happen. Not in the world of politics anyway. They are a predetermined end. Predetermined by people who shun the spot light, yet are not too far off in the shadows. They stand there with hands firmly wedged up the rears of the Bushs and Blairs of this world, telling them when to smile, frown, or feign horror and concern (but that's another topic).


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