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Posted by parhad ( on October 06, 2001 at 11:01:20:

"Does any body know where the great Assyrian singer ALBERT TAMRAS is right now? I rememer about four years ago he and his family were in Lebanon living a miserable life.He was so disappointed of our ( omtanaye) organisations because, in his words, the only good thing they do well is opening their big mouths.I mean he was disappointed because for years they knew about his situation and did nothing to somehow help him. I hope he is in better situation.Sometimes it's too bad to be assyrian, why? see, a singer like ALBERT TAMRAS,one of the three pioneers of the assyrian song (the others are ivan agassi, and oshana youel) is dying on the streets of Beirut, the folk dancer khoshaba zaya, who is the only assyrian left who knows all our folk dances that assyrians have been dancing for hundreds of years, is still working in his farm to make his living,and many others regretting their destiny. WHERE ARE OUR HALL OF FAMES"

>>>In the first place, we have no "leaders". We have "users" who couldn't get the time of day anywhere else and sharpen their urge to be "somebody" on our souls and name. Where and when have Assyrians EVER stood up for or defended one of their own? The only Assyrian worth anything to most of us is a dead and martyred one...or a needy, sickly one.

As "true" Christians we want nothing to do with the "proud and arrogant" Assyrian who actually thinks he has a good voice, or writes well...or you know whats well.

We don't mind the charlatan among us, the "historian"....the "journalist"...the "expert"...yeah the Francis Sarguis' exactly, for we KNOW they are fools, we aren't THAT stupid. We know these "experts" from hell are pathetic, that's why we feel comfortable with them, feel they "represent" us more accurately than the Assyrian who actually might have a snowballs chance in this community and beyond.

We have a profound understanding of and a passsionate love affair going with "mediocrity". It's a by-product of this urge to get spat upon and strung up like "our lord" was. Grovelling in the dust is not the best way to get into Harvard or get published or evoke any interest in a nation where excellence or at least accomplishment is pursued so avidly, whether for profit or just to be the BEST.

Your singer, like the great Ashur Bet Sargis or William Daniel, as well as any number of talented and capable young men and women, might as well get used to going to bed hungry if they ever expect to be fed by this community. The community will reward poverty of spirit...never the urge to excellence.

That wont change until someone or some people kick some ass. Not because these leaders and movers and shakers we bought on Sale are formidable opponents in their own right...but because our younger people NEED to see it done. Someone has to say to them, "you ARE important"...."you ARE precious"....you ARE worth the effort.

Our singers and artists can labor all they want to, can set up schools to teach what they know, write books, make films etc and etc...and all of it will be quietly dismantled and frustrated by "leaders" who do NOT want an educated, capable and fearless community of healthy, eager and motivated Assyrians with plans and the will to effect them.

These leaders want nothing more than to keep that singer of yours in poverty, "granting" him a gig or two...but NEVER EVER supporting him or anyone else to any sort of prominence which might rival their own.

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