Protest NOW About Too Many Protests!!!

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Posted by parhad ( on October 06, 2001 at 11:12:38:

Over at aina they're now protesting that we were confused with Arabs somewhere. Funny, we seem more confused than anyone about who we are. Hanna Hajjar wouldn't come out and DEFEND or FIGHT BACK against someone who called us worse Jew-Killers than HITLER!! And all because he didn't want to support me, because I attack him!!! Not Ross....but FRED attacks him!!

He "protested" alright...just like the rest of them...but he DID nothing. It wasn't the "protests" that changed anything, the college told us they were going to ignore all further such protests, that they'd already made a telling us we weren't worth any FURTHER bother...and expecting us to run along. It was a counter-action that changed things...and I'm not taking credit for it alone...but I didn't see anyone else do it, or offer a better way...or come down there to do it first, or better, or join me in doing it. What I saw was people resenting me for doing it...but I really think they just resented IT BEING done, at all.

These are not people who "Do" anything about anything...hell why risk "Heaven" now, now when they've passed "Go" enough times and collected armfulls of spittle and abuse so that Heaven is looking mighty attractive with each additional "scourging".

I think it's the very knowledge that they CAN'T accomplish anything through these "protests" that makes them so attractive in the first place...I mean how much MORE of a martyred victim can you be when your "protests" aren't headed? It's even better than JUST getting slapped in the face...for not only do you get slapped again and with impunity, but your very protest against being slapped earns you ANOTHER slap.

Protest all you want's know as "whining" in this country. You guys give a new dimension to "Whine Country".

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