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Posted by Lorelei ( on January 24, 2002 at 12:22:14:

yo fred (you don't have to read this since i know
we don't concur on much of anything)

i think i got my point across, in the number of posts
i made about you. I finally understand that there is
a distinction when it comes to Fred's saying and fred's
doings. I see that you place a high value on raising
issues and calling others to rise up to the issue,
but when you are called for some kind of informal
accountability, you are hostile and defensive and

There are no absolute laws that say whatever one says,
one should do. But we all know that such a relationship
between articulation of action and commission of action
is key, and this provides the basis for action, change,
revolution, and the overall advancement of humanity.

Maybe your role is only to awaken people, to stir people's
hearts and sit back and let those people do things.
Maybe you are too old or you are not ready for such things,
maybe you are jaded, maybe you feel it's a burden
others should have, or maybe, as you said, those kids
will die anyway, why go and take care of them. For whatever
reason you as a member of the assyrian community
chose to articulate action but does not commit action;
this is sad but oh well, at least you are
raising awareness for real issues.

Alli is right, we need lots of different people in our
community. We need artists, doctors, lawyers, (gasp!)
students, kids, civil servants, statisticians, landscapers,
we need everyone. I will no longer pester you about
sitting in your climate controlled home and all that stuff,
good luck with you and hopefully in your lifetime or
mine we will see some kind of change for our assyrian

And, because you and I are of the same flesh in symbolic
and maybe genetic ways, we have an obligation to respect
each other but not disagree. If we don't have that underlying
foundation of mutual respect, then we don't really have much
of a community do we? And if we don't work to form
communities in that way, by building respect with each
other, then we really won't have a nation either.

[insert sarcastic rhetort here, where sarcastic rhertort
= "you smell," "go back to Stupid University and crawl
into the archives section and go defecate there," "get
out of my glorious website," or maybe "i respect you
too and end of story.

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