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Posted by Stella ( on January 24, 2002 at 13:07:42:

In Reply to: Re: CARE updates posted by pancho on January 24, 2002 at 12:03:43:

"obviously there is a god who once favored us very much...and he still does whether we know it or not."

That's an awesome thought to believe in Fred.

Something else to think about...
Is there a possibility that this god can be in the form of the Christian or Jewish god as well? There was a star trek episode where this universal being reveals himself to Captain Kirk saying that this supreme being has many faces, and they go on to show the face of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and others. Same god, different mediums.

How about we just really stick to issues that concern the good of the Assyrian community as well as the good of humanity.

"Everybody's happy, everybody's free, we're keeping the big doors open, so everyone will come around, why are you different why are you that way, if you don't get in line, we'll lock you away." From Typical Situation by Dave Matthews.
This basically describes the mentality of most Assyrians who have a religiously based identity. In their own mind they are including everyone in the community on the basis of them qualifying to regulations on their own list and excluding those that are not. If you somehow deviate from the list of regulations on the list, then you're not Assyrian. With Assyrian Muslims, the subject thats been on everyone's lips, they would for sure not be considered Assyrian because they don't share the majority belief. You too Fred would not be considered to be Assyrian by these same people because you (I'm assuming here) believe in Ashur.
However, what do you call an someone who speaks Turoyo, observes Kha'B Nissan, yet fasts for Rammadan? (weak example but you get my drift.)
This is why I totally agree with David ( Hi Dave!) when he says "We secular Assyrians should look forward to a day when all our people with a religously based identity
finally practice SAFE SECTS."
Do away with the hatred for distinctions already, I'm gettin' old here.
And so are the rest of you. So use your energy on something productive.

P.s. Jeff! I'm going to go see your bro at Hog Head's in March. It's right down the street from DePaul!

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