Speaking In Tongues

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Posted by pancho ( on January 24, 2002 at 17:49:55:

And I would like to express about my sincere condolences to the Assyrian Nation including:

The Maronites (About 8 millions), The Indians of Malabar-Trijor (About 2 millions), Greek Orthodox & Catholic(About 6 millions in the Middle East & around the world), adding the Assyrian Church of the East (About 0.8 Million) The Chaldean church(About 1.3 million) The Syrian Orthodox & Catholic (About 0.9 millions), regardless the Assyrians that have been islamised and Arabized (About 10 millions).

Dear brothers, by this estimation the Assyrian population is about 30 millions around the world, that only about 1.5 million of them know what is Assyrianism (5%), and the other 28.5 millions don't (95%), and when they know about it, they moke of it.

Congratulations for such dreaming "Nation"


====Okay...I give up. Does it seem that ever since a few days back, people have been posting weird examples of the English language...you suppose it's some kind of code?

What do they have now mostly...the undercurrent is again anti-Muslim...by their count there are millions of Assyrians who donLt know it...and a lot I suppose who know it and donLt care...and others...I donLt know what this guy is trying to say, I donLt know if he does...it seems people are writing in to fill the void they were afraid would be created as we all sat back and waited for those wothwhile posts to materialize. Ho hum.

Hey Ashor, if thatLs your name...what about all them Assyrians who have ben Americanized into destroying their own homelands and killing their own people...how do you rate them? At least Arabized Assyrians never bombed the United States and starved American children...seems something lacking in them Christian techniques for spreading love and freedom.

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