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Posted by pancho ( on January 25, 2002 at 10:34:17:

It should be that to anyone who considers just what these other forums are trying to achieve. First of all they blame no one but Saddam for the condition of Iraq...and they blame the Iraqi people for Saddam, and they blame the Iraqi children of those people for having parenbts such as them, who are to blame for Saddam, who is to blame for Iraq which is to blame for having oil the West wants.

Therefore, to kill Iraqi children seems perfectly know how reason and logic and facts stir them up so.

They never mention Assyrian casualties unless a Muslim is to here we have this picture...there is Iraq, chock full of Muslims and a few Assyrian Christians. The Muslims of Iraq have been watching their country being pounded and their people including their children and parents being killed outright or starved or allowed to die from easily preventable diseases...yet for the most part there has been no organized abuse aimed at the Christian community there as a whole. One attack on America and they were ready to kill anyone who resembled what Whitey thinks a terrorist should look like...including some of us, who then were encouraged to PROTEST loud and long (I say we had it coming).

Now the folks at aina and bethsuryipyip wrack the place where their brains should be looking for any evidence that a Christian there is being abused...even if they have to dredge Turkey to do it, and throw in the Christians of the Sudan or Mozambique or outer Phrenobia. While on this mad hunt for wounded or sufering or abused Christians...these same fact farting honkies adamantly refuse to believe the "ridiculous" and "unprovable" allegation that when bombs are dropped from thirty thousand feet, they fall on Christian and Muslim alike...that America, for all the Gassmans working in Defense, has yet to develop a smart enough bomb to hop over a Christian loving home and land on that den of iniquity most Muslims live in.

They also scoff at the idea that a disease bug would attack Christian and Muslim babies regardless of which is "Right" or that starvation comes from the same set of circumstances that would afflict a Muslim tummy as easily as a Christian tummy.

I will accept the fact that that fellow was arested falsely...and that his trial was a sham...and be grateful he got out...what would they have done to a Muslim in New York one shudders to think...and I am willing to rejoice that Akbulut came to his senses and forgot all about the horrible events os seventy years ago...even if along with that went any mention of the last 12 years...and I can accept that a soldier who gets lost in the snow is a glorious martyr...I can swallow all of that. What I donīt get is how anyone calling themselves an Assyrian, let alone a Christian, does NOT accept, or say anything about the obvious fact that War and Starvation and Disease make no distinctions...I thought that was an established fact by now.

note to Lulia...I do not want to go to Iraq.

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