The Difference Between Us and Them

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Posted by pancho ( on January 25, 2002 at 10:57:50:

Us, is us, you know, Neo Assyrians. Them is them others...the Muslim hating ones who use this Heritage as a piece of rawhide to whip up frenzy against Muslims who never did them any more harm than Christians have been doing for the last few hundred years over there....and considerably more.

The reason they want me off of their forums is not because of my foul tongue...I can assure you I have shocked my family and those who know me because I never used that sort of language before. I just wanted to cut to the chase quickly...I suspected these guys from the start...for one thing I knew enough to know they would attack my family, my dead father, my Aprim the Upright once hinted that he would reveal secrets about what I do with my children...and I invited him to do so...saying it could be no worse than the time he and I were busted for French kissing at the Greyhound Bus Terminal toilet, which sent him on a long sojourn of the MidEast.

This, I knew, would all be done to discourage me, knowing my family would pressure me to stop immediately because we all know what crazies we are for propriety and what the neighbors will think. This has been their weapon of choice, the smear tactic...and it is especially useful against our women who can be called whores and sluts with impunity because these guys know they will be gone in an instant. Thatīs the kind of Hero these Assyrian Christians produce.

I gave them the vulgarity to let them know I was capable of doing it even better than them...also that I was impervious to attacks against my family, my children, my marriages...any of can tell a person by their friends...but also by what kind of person can "get" to them. I simply step over doesnīt keep me from venturing out.

When the vulgarity ceased as an excuse it became the "Muslim" loving, and the "Handlers" and the "Who is paying you"...and you can see in these accusations what might well be true and close to home for those making them.

The real reason I am banned is that they canīt answer me. Itīs that simple. In the beginning Gassamn hoped to win me over to his side...he figured I would be a powerful weapon in his arsenal, like that Turd Andreas. When that didnīt work he turned with a vengeance...he couldnīt answer Minnie Mouse let alone a Neo Assyrian.

While they are welcome to come over here, heroes and fighters for Assyria that they are, and defend their views and attack and ridicule ours, they donīt. Now they will tell you they donīt because we are insignificant and all we do is flatulate at the mouth...but if they could answer us and put us in our place and shut us up...they would be over in droves...well the three guys who keep using all those names would, especially the "Drs."...gimme a break!

They donīt want us over there because they donīt know what to to explain or defend the ridiculous views they have, the agenda they have that is sticking out all over the place. They can only maintain themselves without opposition, while we grow stronger when we are challenged. An Aprim can be disposed of in a minute, at the outside...not all of them put together could last five minutes against one of us in fair debate or conversation even...thatīs the real reason we arenīt welcome. In other words the bullshit and flatulence are all on their side...and the truth of what they doing is ugly in the extreme.

They lost a long time ago. Do they look or sound, or act like anything other than losers? A Neo Assyrian would never behave like that...we are capable of confronting and handling anything...ANYTHING.

note to Lulia: I donīt want to go to Iraq.

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