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Posted by pancho ( on January 25, 2002 at 11:19:29:

You want to witness the closest thing youīll ever see to an ass chasing itīs hole...take a look at the posts...or rather just read the titles. Theyīre at it again...off and running with what really matters...what is trooly enlightening, what is "worthwhile" to use Peterīs own term...a guy who changes his family name like underwear when he thinks itīs been soiled...(note to Peter; Ever think how glad you made all Jassims when you switched, and how pissed as hell all BetBassos are?)

These posts donīt have to lead anywhere...how could they? One "expert" is as stupid as his counterpart...and the "argument" could never be proven to anyones satisfaction. But that isnīt the point...the point is to HAVE pointless discussions and dredge up spurious facts and create fictions and call each other names and go round and round like mad hens...

This way it looks like there is great intellectual ferment in Assyria, when it is so clearly all rot...it appears that Assyrians are grappling with "issues" when they are as close to jerking off in semi private as their privates could bear up under. The point is to define "Assyrian" in such a hopelessly infantile way, to make this Heritage such a laughingstock, to make of it such an intellectual and a moral dead end, that they will scare away any one of us who needs enough sense to come in out of the rain. And if we persist, they will insult our children, drag our relatives out of their graves...and if we donīt cut and run then, they will ban us.

These guys are promoting nothing so much as the gradual wearing away and degradation of what it COULD mean to have an Assyrian culture in the Modern Era. Because if we were to rebound, if we were to build something impressive and moving, something grand and noble from the rubble they want to convince us the dreaded Muslims made of us, made of us because we followed a jew carpenter...if we survive and thrive and revive, and become respected and sought after...as I KNOW we would be because I have seen it and felt it first hand... their entire reason to exist, the "fervor" that drives them, would go up in smoke. We are SUPPOSED to be devastated...itīs what they WANT us to be and to remain...like the insane decision of the Arab world to leave Palestinian refugees in camps so the world would NEVER FORGET! Ever heard that before?

note to Lulia: I still donīt want to go to Iraq.

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