PRODUCT???...Listen Sam D...just what does "D" really stand for?

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Posted by pancho ( on January 25, 2002 at 16:49:33:

Can we start by NOT calling art pieces PRODUCT???!!!

I mean if we are going to do a thing letīs do it right...even if you really think it IS just a product, youīll get far better results if you DONīT call it that...jeez. And the rest of you listen up. We are going to go out in public with this Heritage, not just in our own backyards where everyones dick seems to be perpetually hanging out. Get yer fingers OUT of your noses...up yer own arses and can pick your friends and you can pick your arse...but you can NOT pick your friends arse IN PUBLIC fer chrissakes.

god...the things I have to put up with....!

I donīt consider these "MY" sculptures anyway...they belong to us...they are based on what our ancestors made and wowed the world with. I would like to be able to feed my children, three more Assyrians thank you...and have enough left over to make more sculpture...I donīt have medical insurance and what artist ever had a pension plan besides his or her own hands?

Aside from that, letīs put these pieces to work. Once again I have to promise not to rip myself off, and I do. Aside from the casting can check with the foundry, and shipping and crating...the rest can go into a kitty. Why not revive ourselves with Art...itīs the ONE thing that gave us some positive press, though even then they claimed we copied and stole...and the Christians among us were gratifide becuz, since we donīt do nasties like that now that we were taught manners by the jew just goes to show how depraved we were before we saw the light emanating from that Burbling Bush.

Just whose "bush" was Moses "talking" to up there...and is that what they called it in them old fornicatin and pedophilin days?

Lulia canīt forgive me for trashing her trashy Borned Agained Religioned. Theyīre that way...thatīs why theyīre forced to keep trying over and over again.

note to Lulia: I wont go to Iraq, but you can go to Hell.

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