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Posted by pancho ( on January 25, 2002 at 17:02:42:

David Chibo is one of the most honourable and active Assyrians I have known. His honesty and love for his nation is one that I wish all Assyrians can strive to achieve. He has done more during his youth than many have done in their lifetime..

We would rather close the forum before entertaining the idea of blocking someone in the calibre of David Chibo.

=====Thatīs Firas Jatou...in this instance he is the Good Cop. He told me at the convention that it wasnīt his idea to use that silly "Incomplete Submission" trick to keep me out...so they could maintain the fiction that they are a Forum. Iīm beginning to think they take turns...whoever runs these nuthouses. I donīt believe for a minute that they would shut their forum or assholes if David Chibo was to be banned...it just sounds good. Remember these guys are into sound...as in protesting noises and all. They are what the poet called full of sound and fury (well) signifying nothing...all dumb show.

They wont hesittate to do what they did to me long ago...or tried to, to set the rules and boundaries by which we may express ourselves "freely". Like they know their arses from holes in their heads. They would dare to praise David to his face, for our consumption, then three days later treat him like a wayward child by removing a question placed with all reserve and decency and honesty they at the same tile praise him for.

Believ nothing they say, follow their own example...they donīt.

note to Lulia: When you get to Hell...they will be very grateful to see you, and hug your knees...and work their way up. Enjoy...itīs more than you could count on here...or in Iraq.

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