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Posted by pancho ( on January 26, 2002 at 10:55:17:

In Reply to: to fred posted by Lorelei on January 25, 2002 at 17:32:19:

Dear Nit Wit,

Do these tricks of yours work on homework assignment? You have one refrain and we have been all through that. I am not going to Iraq, period. There are all sorts of things about Iraq and the United States and Malabar and Zambisiland we can talk about. We can dicuss sex even, if thatīs how you get it. You can disagree with me mightily...when have I ever run from a confrontation...they put me out the door and I crawl in the window...the shut the window and I slip under the door...they block that and I am down the chimmney, through a name it. I donīt run, period...but I have a short attention span for repitition.

I am a hypocrite, okay...I have been called worse. And you are free to repeat it and repeat and go to bed and wake up with it. All I said was that you are boring me with that constant refrain. I didnīt tell you to shut up or else...maybe the rest of the people here enjoy the put down and the expose of what a Rat and liar and coward I am...I donīt mind, I donīt care, I just wont notice anymore.

You play silly sophmoric games...are you a sophomore? You say one thing over and over until I am tired of it and just walk away, leaving you free to say it all you want...but that isnīt what Boring Again Turds isnīt the freedom to howl at the moon you guys want...we give you all of that stuff you need...what you want to do is BORE us with it so weīll join you, or fall panting with exhaustion on the floor and thereby reaffirm the nonsense you yourself canīt possibly believe UNLESS there isnīt a dissenting or disinterested person left alive.

And when I walk away from you because I am tired of your one note yell at me..."Whatīs the matter Fred, just because I have my own views on the French Revolution and the Sino Soviet Split...YOU DONīT WANNA TALK ANYMORE...does everyone HAVE to agree with YOU"!!! And you actually believe and hope to make others believe that I turned you off because I couldnīt face the horror of having a disagreement and because everything has to go my way etc., when I never heard any views of yours on those subjects and would have been happy to have had an intelligible conversation with you on any one of them...after you read a book in Lit class.

Challenge me, frustrate me, throw me for a loop, stump me, make a fool of me, ANYTHING, and I would welcome it...but STOP jerking off with me!!! STOP BORING ME and expecting a response like a spoiled brat who thinks every widdle thing she says is worthy of note....and congratulating yourself because I..."could think of nothing to say".

These are aina and bethsuryipyip tricks...we know them well, and you are still welcome here.

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