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Posted by David ( on January 26, 2002 at 14:06:49:

Miliions of Armenians went to Armenia and took pride of it!
Millions of the Jews said fuck with the inflation we take vacation and they went to Esrael . why you have make such a big deal if someone has made up his mind to go to Iraq ?
Just before his Departure , I had a pleasure to have launch with Dr Moradkhan ,he wasn't born in Iraq but he had a big pride for going there !
every supper power country had or have his Vallet there!
Bad ass brittish and france they almost went to war because of Iraq ! Hitler had in mind to biuld his summer palace in Iraq ! and more Important of All I want to go to Iraq ! to see papa Hammurabi's land to find his grave and tell him the world is still usig his laws ! to tell him we are aware how uncle Moses picked up his pocket and used his laws under his name ! yet he was a good cousin to him and printed only Ten of them , and how cousin david cheated on one of them and screwed his neiber's wife and how Yaweh discriminate's
by calling him my heart! So if Yahweh discriminate , why blaming THE RED necks???
by the way I was born in Iran but when we learned that
the Shah had to take of while vacationing in north , he had no choice to land on Iraqi airport while flying his single engine plane they let him without any notification with no fear from western World what a Great people? we love them ,Unfortunatly may be that was why they murdered the royale Family ! who knows?
See you don't know much Lorelie , Go climb a rock for a change.

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