John Wayne, and the Indians

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Posted by Catch of the day ( on October 07, 2001 at 02:30:15:

Catch of the day From:

Americans do not have access to the truth

Ingrid Bergman,

I was referring to Kitten saying : "The article is horseshit. It describes events that are about 30 years old"
Well Ingrid I am glad you picked on that and corrected me, to me, that means you agree with me on every thing else I said, and that mean your are not only Charming Ingrid, but also open minded. And there is nothing new here, I know most Americans are.
As to your question what did an F16 do to me, well it is a long and painful story, and most Americans do not want to hear this kind of stuff, they want to see the world like a Hollywood movie, a John Wayne film, in which they are the moral Heroes who are cleansing the earth from the Indian barbarian. And of course the Indian Hate John Wayne, because they hate his way of life, and they do not share with him his Democratic heritage, and his Judo-Christians believes, as a Hollywood documentary have shown us, so the Indian have to go.
Very simple stuff for the masses to understand. Who care about the Indian are the original owners of the land,
or about them feeding the pilgrimages, that stuff is too complicated for GI Joe to understand and die for.
But the F16 did not deliver to the Arabs movies, and perfect stories. It delivered Israeli missiles on the homes of Palestinians, who do not have "Arrow" or "Patriot" missiles to defend them self, they do not even have an Anti-Aircraft guns, (Yet the US Vito their request for UN monitors).
The F16 delivered Cluster bombs which shredded the flesh of Iraqis (by the hundred of thousands), Napalm and Fuel bombs which baked their skin to a toast, and Depleted Uranium which poisoned the Iraqi soil for hundred of years to come.
It also delivered bombs which destroyed the Iraqi Water purification, and Sewage System, and the Germs and Bacteria in the drinking water is finishing the Job, and is killing 5000 Iraqis A MONTH, for the last 11 years (the worse Germ warfare in human history), at the same time the US is blocking and delaying the contracts for medicine, vaccines, and chlorine, in this silent Holocaust of the people of Iraq.
But I will not blame Americans, because I think you are innocent by the insanity defense. It is INSANE to kill
people who you do not even know anything about, Just like the Indian Sheikh who was killed a couple of weeks ago, because he was thought to be an Arab Muslim. And it is not the fault of Americans that they do not know, it is the fault of the MASS MEDIA, people like William Safire, Charles Krauthammer, and Jim Hoglan, and the misinformation they flood up the unsuspecting Americans with.
Ben Laden, and the Talban are American creation, and America used them against Russia, and then abandoned them, to poverty, and civil war when they were done with them, rather than helping them to change, or at least help to mediate and try to stop the civil war among people who were allies, and we called them Mojahideen. Still if Ben Laden, and Talban are terrorist ( The US government have not shown us the evidence, and it lied to us several times before about Iraq, and Vietnam) but if they are terrorist then I fully support their severe punishment, including execution (both of Ben Laden and Talban). The problem is that I think the one who will be suffering, and dying are the innocent Afghani, although the Mass Media will not show much of that.
I heard, I think, Rumsfield saying we will drop food to the Afghani, but first we have to bomb their SAM, and anti- Aircraft missiles, to protect our pilots. Well most of these missiles are portable Stingers, that mean they can be anywhere. So he is saying we will bomb the Afghani so we can feed them. Do we really think the Afghani are that dumb for them to understand this hypocrisy and hate us for it ?
We should care about the life of innocent Afghani and Iraqis, as much as we care about the Whales, and the Spotted Owls, Let us get only the guilty, and kill only the "evil doers", or we will be one of them.

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