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Posted by parhad ( on October 07, 2001 at 08:04:26:

In Reply to: They dared to speak out posted by Catch of the day on October 07, 2001 at 00:44:48:

If there is a "Zionist" mafia...then there is an Assyrian mafia...I can attest to that. I too am being punished for speaking out and for making sculpture. People have definitely tried to ruin my ability to earn a living and a constant flood of rumors is released about me, my family and my work. There are calls made in the night about me, and anyone supporting me is also fair game. People have tried to force others to silence me etc.

My point is that it is not only the Israelis, or the Assyrians who have elements of this mafia you are describing. In fact I'd say everyone else has this element in their community as well. Let's not make the same mistake and continue the Holocaust of 2000 years by accusing the Israelis of what everyone else does freely. They aren't unique in any way, except in how they've been treated for so long. In fact I'd have to admit that the suffering they've been subjected to for the silliest of reasons..."they killed Christ, when so many many many people have been killed and in any event it was the Romans, as in those who became the Holy Romans, who killed him....makes all other suffering of all other minorities pale by comparison.

Still, this does not justify what they do now, and I think they know it well...who knows better the injustice of picking on a single group of people...and their reply would be that they really and truly were given no choice. Just as we have to admit that the Iraqi and Plalestinian people are being driven to desperation, we'd have to accept that Jews have been driven even farther and for even longer.

Had the Christians never blamed them for such a stupid thing, had they stopped after five hundred or a thousand years, there never would have arisen the need for their determination that this sort of injustice would never happen to them again...not without a fight. The catalyst for this attitude was the Nazi-Euro attempt of only 60 years ago to completely wipe them off the face of the was NOT a desire to go live in a dessert in Palestine and steal from and kill innocent people who'd had nothing to do with what had recently been done to the Jews.

If we're going to understand the righteous wrath of the Iraqi people and others, we have to make the same allowance for the Jews who've been shuffling around Europe for several centuries, always without legal protection, always liable to confiscation, always fair game for any sort of brutality, forced to convert, have their children taken away from them...have bribes extracted from them, lose time and again all their hard earned wealth...made that much harder to accumulate because they were forbidden any but the lowest sort of work...which they transformed into such a lucrative business that the Christians became money-lenders too and far surpassed the wealth of ANY Jew at it.

I ask it again...what were the Jews supposed to do after the Holocaust? Where could they settle when just the previous day the people they'd thought were neighbors and friends turned on them or kept silent? Where were they to go and what could they do to avoid being treated the same way...after all when such horrendous treatment had to be forcibly ended by defeat in war, how could they believe that there would be no "hard feelings"? Wasn't one of Hitler's accusations against them that they had caused Germany's defeat in the First World War? Wasn't it likely that some other goon would blame the Jews for another defeat...and wouldn't any reparations or guarantees from the Allies just be hotly contested by the German people, setting the stage for another wave of resentment and hatred?? How could they be reassured that it wouldn't happen again in another twenty years or forty or 300??

The tragedy is that the Europeans "solved" their Jewish was a European problem...the Jews were no problem at all, an asset dumping them on the MidEast, and it is America which USES Israel, NOT the other way believe Israel controls America is to fall for that same anti-Jewish crap that got us here in the first place.

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