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Posted by Lorelei ( on January 27, 2002 at 20:25:10:

In Reply to: Re: Lorelei posted by pancho on January 26, 2002 at 13:01:22:

Dear Fred,
You don't let me "challenge" you. I seriously
think that you only hear what you want to hear,
and if Ashour forbid you personally don't like
the person with whom you are "debating," then
the "challenge" shifts to insults and derision.
You are by no means a social critic but a social
"insulter," if that makes sense. I can challenge
you but your argumentation style structually
disallows discussion and leaves room for sarcastic
commentary and insults. Who has time to go back
and forth as you said with name calling and
insult throwing?

Also, you keep making fun of me being a college
student. first of all, i'm sure that you don't
feel this towards all college students, especially
your loved Alli and jeff, so you don't have
to make fun of higher education that you may not
want or cannot understand. So you shouldn't
waste time making fun of universties or colleges
when it's just ME as a person thinking this kind
of stuff.

So as you said I am fine with "challenging" you
but you must also know that debate is wholly
adulterated by name calling and emotionalism.
Your characteristic method of argumentation has
been laced with insults and derision, and as i said
before this degenerates your argumentation.
Maybe you are more comfortable not being a critic
(who weighs evidence systematically and then
gives an observation based on that evidence) but
doing what you do, which is use your words to
shit on people and who they are, their mom and
dad and their dog.

And you are calling me sophomoric?

I can engage in debate with you with just about
anything. And it doesn't mean i think i'm right
or you are right or whatever, all it is is a
discussion of different ideas. What is wrong
with simply a discussion and not slandering or
making fun?

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