Aprim Gets "Determined"

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Posted by parhad ( on October 07, 2001 at 08:29:34:

Dear All,

Even though I feel that much more needs to be done, still, we need to swamp the Chicago Tribune and the New York Time with protest letters and e-mails. It is the least that we can do at this stage of our struggle to challenge those who are trying to corrupt and smear our history.

Please send your thoughts now ... Even if you simply say these few words: "Assyrians are not Arabs" and demand a correction ... do not put it off ... get involved.


>>>That's interesting. If Assyrians live in an "A-rab" country, as you guys never tire of telling us all Moslem countries are "Arab"...then why wouldn't they be Arabs? If you live for years in an Italian country, why wouldn't you be called Italian?

The Roman Empire extended the benefits of citizenship to people in Spain, Gaul, Africa...all of them could say they were "Romans". Americans know that any ethnic minority in a country is called by the name of that country...the Basques are Spaniards first, no matter how they deny it. Chinese people, even those who aren't Christian, are "Americans"...and they're proud to say it.

So, why aren't Assyrians Arabs? I know all the paper thin arguments I can get...but they are driven less by logic and more by racism and prejudice than anything else. How come Assyrians are so glad, so proud to be Americans? Why don't they protest to the Tribune that they aren't Americans OR Arabs? How do you suppose the Assyrians stuck in A-rab countries are viewed by the dominant majority there, the "Arab" Muslim majority when they hear the Assyrians hotfooting it all over the globe protesting that they have nothing in common with THOSE people? Think it makes them more welcome...more likely to have their few rights respected...more likely they'll be cherished by the Muslims who dominate the MidEast when its known their cousin Youkhanna has mounted a campaign AGAINST being mistaken for a horrible A-rab?

I don't think Assyrians in the West are any kind of Assyrians at all...I think they are "Westerners" and just as soon as enough generations pass by and their descendents become TRUE Americans, they'll fight anyone who reminds them they came from "Arab Countries".

Maybe it's the Arabs who should be protesting.

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