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Posted by parhad ( on October 07, 2001 at 08:50:07:

How can people be so dumb? My whole point is that we in these forum thingies have nothing in common with Assyrians, as the world understands that to mean. We are a weak, whining, torpid bunch of non-activists frightened of our own shadows who couldn't argue or fight our way out of a wet paper bag. We rely on someone else to "save" us, if not the British or another Christian "friend", then a Moderator who has to clean our bottoms for "fierce" are we.

We can't even attend a friggin debate and use as an excuse..."he attacks us"...meaning the Assyrian who went there to argue with the one who actually attacked us...but even that's too sophisticated for you guys.

How better could you have proven my point but by having Hanna delete and ban and use the ridiculous "policy" statement he does? Does that fool any of you? Never mind. Can't you see that you are proving my point for me? I would have turned out to be mistaken if you'd all been able to ignore what I wrote, or been able to answer me. The "insults" and the "nasty language" all started when you got the Fan Todds and deleted and scolded for simple expressions of opinions you didn't happen to like...and not all of you by any means...just Hanna.

He has proven my point best of all. He is the poster boy of failed, whimpy, impotent, envious, frightened and cowardly people hoping to add some polish by calling themselves by the name of the proudest and noblest people history has examples of...he would be just the kind to do a thing like that. Assyrians NEVER behaved the way Hajjar does...ask anyone who knows what we were like.

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