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Posted by parhad ( on October 07, 2001 at 10:39:36:

In the posts below there are hardly any insults or attacks...nothing a boy scout couldn't take, or any kind of an Assyrian.

But they will all be deleted. Why? Because I am accused of something I didn't insult Hanna's work? Will it be because the ideas expressed therein are "too radical"? I hardly think there's much there that any high school teacher would argue with. There isn't much there for many people on these forums to protest in them either.

Then why will they be removed? Is it the "policy" here not to post too much? Why? Does it take away space for others to post? Do these thingies have a limit to the amount of words that can be placed on them? I don't think so. So where's the abuse of this "policy"?

It's clearly the vain attempt of one man, and a handful of equally nervous Nellies, to have ONE spot where their insipid "views" will go unchallenged. In fact they'd prefer nothing at all, to any of my posts. What does this reveal about them and the rest of their views and ideas? Are these fearless Assyrians? Or are they rather traumatized, snivelling Christians who never got over their shock when the world didn't part and let them by.

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