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Posted by parhad ( on October 07, 2001 at 13:59:46:

I think that your frustration had begun to effect your analysis of the simplest of issues. Let me ask you one simple question; Would those Arab people living in the country known today as Israel accept being labelled as Jews?

>>>>You many times do we have to go around this one? "Arab" means you are from a country called Arabia. No matter how all inclusive you wish to make it...that's all it means. To be Jew, means to floow a JEWISH religion. There are Arabs who are Christians and Arabs who are Jews. There are Muslims born in Israel...that doesn't make them makes them Israeli.

>>>If you insist on calling everyone who follows the religion of a prophet born in a particular country by the NAME of that country...then you are a JEW because your prophet comes from JEW-land, or Israel.

Are the Armenians living in Iraq Arabs?

>>>NO, you scholar from Hell...Iraqis living in Iraq aren't even ARAB! They are Iraqi and are of the Christian...NOT ARMENIAN, religion. The other Iraqis are also NOT ARABS...they are Iraqis of either the Muslim religion, or the Christian religion, or the Buddhist, or NO religion.

I hope that you realize and accept the fact that all Israeli citizens (people living in Israel) are not Jewish. At the same token, all Iraqi citizens are not Arabs and all Iranians citizens are not Persians.

>>>NOW he tells me!

This is not about Arabs or Moslems. Assyrians are ethnically being confused with the Arabs and we naturally have an obligation to correct that.

>>>>Why don't you tell that to the people who bomb them all indiscrimanently, and with your taxes too? You yourself can't prove you are connected in any way with the ancient Assyrians, and you go right ahead and deny the status you DEMAND to Chaldeans...fortunately no one reads of you or will ever know of your weird ideas.

If the sentense in the Tribune stated; three originally Iraqis, and stopped there, I would not have given a damn.

>>>Why not? You mean it can never happen that Assyrians would be targeted? Is there no protection foir us darkies, if we help defend THEM darkies??? Once Americans learn it's open season on ANY of you've helped teach long will it be before they come looking for OTHER darkies??

If the New York Time had stated; Most of the Middle Eastern people in America are Christians, I would not have cared a bit naturally. But when the media mentions that Assyrians are Arabs, that claim, Mr. Parhad, is absolutely FALSE.

>>>If an Assyrian lives in Italy he becomes Italian...certainly the majority of our people here are Americans and then Christians...what in god's name is there Assyrian about them at all...except the name?

>>>"Arab" is not an ethnicity...I don't care how much prejudice goes behind that claim. Islam, the religion of most of those living in Arabia, happens to be shared by many people all over the world...they do NOT become Arabs therefore, and neither does their learning Arabic make them Arab. "Arab" was used as a political designation for different than Pan-Britishism.

Again, this is not about Arabs ... this is not about Islam ... this is about the fact that Assyrians could be of Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese and other citizenships, BUT Assyrians, ethnically, ARE NOT Arabs.


>>>>Arab is NOT an ethnicity when it leaves the Arabian peninsula...its influence in other countries does not make the people there Arabs. Assyrians can also be, and are, of different religions. The fact that you maintain the ridiculous notion that ONLY Christians can be Assyrians, also means that ALL Assyrians HAVE to be Christian. If you're willing to go that far, then why aren't ALL Arabs ONLY Muslims...why can there be Jewish and Christian ARABS???

>>>You make me sick.

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