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Posted by parhad ( on October 07, 2001 at 16:59:19:

The United States and it's evil twin Great Britain have resorted to their usual. The people of this nation have been primed, and all was set to "go". Same thing hapenned with the Commies and Vietnam. This country had been turned into a paranoid parody of itself by years of witch-hunts and HUAC hearings and McCarthey inquiries...that we believed a nasty Vietnamese gunboat had attacked a US Destroyer. We practically ran into Vietnem and until the body bags accumulated and people back home tore up the streets...a lot of Fat Cats got fatter and cattier, before the war was ended, with only Loss all around...for the people.

We've been turned up to fever pitch for years now over them A-rabs and their blood-thirsty jealousy of "Our Way Of Life". America will once again hand a blank check to the same people who got us here...to "protect" us. Only this time the battlefield will be right here friends and neighbors.

I can't help but think of the tactics the American Revolutionary Army resorted to when fighting the British Empire. Hopelessly outmatched, out generaled and outgunned by the British, the colonial militiamen took to the then unheard of tactic of hiding behind trees, fences and walls...shooting at the Brits well before they had the chance to unfurl their red banners and play their goddamn drums. Shooting them in the back...most unsporting, "I say WHAT"?

People will do what they have to do. What if the Taliban, or forces who develop now in sympathy, seize Pakistan, which has bombs to make the atom bombs of the 1940's look like firecrackers? We've already seen that these people are not afraid to die, not if they can take out a maximum number of us with them. Wouldn't they love to get their hands on one?

Even more than in Vietnam, is this an "unwinnable war". In twenty years some State official who is even now giving a press conference on the inevitability of war now...will come out with a memoir saying he never believed the thing would work...but why kill a promising career?

America cannot cope with this enemy it has created. Who told dissaffected Palestinians and A-rabs in general that we wouldn't listen to their demands if they asked nicely...who taught them we wouldn't listen if they hijacked a jet and demanded a friend be released from jail...who taught them we wouldn't listen if they killed one or two passengers...and then killed them all...who taught them that hijacking planes for press conferences or publicity, or hijacking ocean liners and killing scores of innocent people wouldn't be enough? Who is teaching them now that killing five thousand wont be enough either? Who has made them increase the level of their violent efforts to get our attention...to just have Israel sit at a table it couldn't bolt from? How many more dead of you do you want them to target before you'll ask your government to stop this madness against the Palestinian and Iraqi people?

We know what it took to get you all to demand we end the war in Vietnam...it took 55,000 dead Americans and thousands more wounded and many more blighted and several poisoned...and it required the unecessary and wanton murder of millions of boys and girls...all adults in Vietnam had been killed by the Chinese and French in forty years of constant warfare.

America has thousands, hundreds of thousands of Darkies...students and engineers allowed in the country to work and help grow America. Many of them have fallen off the screen, their visas elapsed and no one knows where they are...some might be terrorists...some might become terrorists. America is too open a society to be made safe...its borders cannot be hermetically sealed, not if we wish it to remain America.

This country is going to be altered by the radical Right and Christian extremists, if they get their way. These airstrikes will be a part of the opening salvo against the Constitution. These people are perfectly willing to destroy a Vietnamese village in order to "save" it, and they'll do the same to this country. remember, most of them believe in Armageddon, in the End of Days that nutty and gentle Jew preached...the world MUST end in a fireball if scripture is to be fulfilled...they HAVE to die, and so do you, in order for Jesus to come back and for them to ultimately triumph.

These people have been fooling you for years by talking about "family values", and the "right to life", and how they were against being "soft on crime"...and you bought it all, never noticing how they also have a penchant for hateful speech, for killing people they would only have saved as fetuses. They are here among us too...they and their counterparts, the terrorists.

And none of it was necessary, none of it was needed by the American people in order to live their lives in peace and prosperity. If America doesn't soon become a friend to the poor and oppressed of this earth...they will overrun our ability to kill them all. We already have to "shut down"...have to see cherished rights sacrificed to this false fear engendered in us, of a conspiracy of jealousy and envy.

America is suffering the effects of the wrath of people who've been abused for generations in order that the zillionaires who run policy and buy the politicians who do the legal dirty work...could get even richer. They are Global Robber Barons now, with no allegience to any one country, with homes and corporations and banks in numerous countries and safe havens. They could give a damn about what you suffer, and the media outlets they bought up in anticipation will tell you whatever it takes to have you sit in the seat of honor at your own funeral...and thank them for it too.

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