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Posted by parhad ( on October 07, 2001 at 21:18:34:

Americans accepted without a whimper the news blackout and "pool" system during the Gulf War. If you think about it...who needs to, or wants to, see things as they really they really are? Would Hanna, would most of us...or anybody?

Once again US forces are killing people in our name...and we wont have a clue. There will be heroic images, advertisements really, of "successful" launches of a variety of hardware which will then have to be replenished...much to Ghassan's delight, increased orders you know.

It's all so depressingly familiar. I tell you, a few more of these and what's left of American "ideals" wont be worth spit. No one said America should lay down and die when it's being attacked...but then why should anyone else? And what have the Israelis and the Americans been doing for years now except attacking and attacking? Difference was they thought they'd be immune, at least the Americans did. And the Israelis? They just serve America's interests in that region, and America is interested in as much disruption and displacement until the last drop of oil is pumped at which time the Arabs can go hang themselves, and Israel too.

If Sharon wants continued American support, he had better NOT make peace with the Palestinians...this gets boring after thirty years and thousands dead and dying.

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