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Posted by parhad ( on October 08, 2001 at 07:31:46:

I received a charming letter from a Melinda Kharumsha who claims to be on intimate terms with Hanna Hajjar. I can't tell if it's a joke, or real...but then I have the same problem with him.

Dear Mr. Farhat,

I'm writing to ask you to leave Hanna alone. Honestly it's like there are the three of us now whenever Hanna and I are together. He can't stop talking about you. He says you don't show him any respect, that you're always calling him names and insulting him...and you even make fun of his artwork.

I can't get him away from his computer, and whenever he sees that you've written something, drops whatever we're doing and sits there getting rid of your messages. This is becomming very hard to bear. I had hopes we were to marry soon, but honestly, I don't think I can live with the two of you. You might as well be here with us when I'm alone with him.

He used to pay attention only to me, now he mutters your name and jumps up at the most awkward and delicate moments to rush to the computer to check if you've written some silly thing or other. I've read some of what you've written and I can't see what he's so bothered about. It's no use talking to him about it either, I've tried.

The other night we had dinner at my apartment, I bought some nice flowers and a box of chocolate and wore the ring I bought for myself a while ago. I cooked his favorite meal and wore that dress I bought just for the ocassion. Did Hanna notice? Yes, for about a minute...then it was off to the computer to see if you'd written anything since he'd just deleted all your messages before leaving his apartment. Well, you had, and that about ruined my evening because he felt insulted again and he's no fun when he's been insulted.

The evening went pretty well after that, though you did write twice more and he caught you at it, and the desert I'd baked was ruined on account of some silly thing you wrote about another forum or something. But the worst came as we snuggled down on the sofa, and though I don't want to go into detail, even though I feel you're practically one of the family, let me just say that he got up at about the worst time to check "just one last time".

Well, I didn't feel like it anymore and he just left because I wouldn't let him at my computer again. He left angry and when I called to apologize later that night he was busy on the computer again, "just checking".

Could you please stop for at least a little while so Hanna and I could get a little romance back in our lives? Please?

Melinda Kharumsha

>>>This has to be a joke. I mean, in every way.

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