How Stupid is Enough?

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Posted by parhad ( on October 08, 2001 at 07:58:51:

When Wmwarda, Fred Aprim and Johnny Aramaen, Ilber and Ghassan and Hanna Hajjar are all welcome to post...when I'm shown to the door no matter what I write, when sculptures praising our Heritage are eagerly received by everyone else except the people on this forum, you have to ask yourself how stupid and buck ignorant are you expected to be?

Would any teacher worth a damn remove what his "students" couldn't handle? Do newspapers and magazines routinely discard what might challenge conventional thinking? Well, yes, actually they do it all the time. Is that what these guys think will improve us, make us able to hold a conversation with any but the garbageman or Deli clerk?

Why come to this country in the first place if not to benefit from what makes this country unique? I don't mean Shopping Malls and jobs either. You can ask questions here, tough ones...if you've the stomach for it. Don't you guys see the contradiction in insisting that you are descended from the great Assyrians, then behaving like a passle of scared rabbits or terrified shcoolkids?

How come not a one of you can accept a simple challenge...not from me but from yourselves? Why don't YOU stetch a little, why not expand on the three responses you're allowed here, or allow yourselves. What's to lose? Are your prejudices and simple ideas all you ever want to know? What are you all so afraid of? Are you even in America?

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