No Mo Oil

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Posted by parhad ( on October 08, 2001 at 09:23:00:

What would happen if the Muslim nations stopped pumping oil? Let's say they get tired of it, or don't want to use it all up just yet...that there is a revival in "old ways" and they all move back to the dessert giving up on Western ideals and knick knacks?

It's not as if all oil comes from there...but you can see that if a company loses just ten percent of its income, it can go broke...that last little bit representing the profit..the entire purpose for spending the ninety percent. No one is in business to break even, and ten percent of 100 zillion is still a zillion in profits. So, the loss of a portion of the oil available might mean no profit, and no business.

So what would the West do? Based on past experience, the media would begin a lengthy campaign of "human interest" stories about how people in the Mideast are suffering terribly at the cruel hands of several dictators and Monarchs who "used to be our friends" until they began "abusing" their own which time editorials would appear condemning America's "blind support" for those who we just now realized were terrible despots and "foes of democracy".

Letters to numerous editors would appear urging America to Stand Tall for the rights of the poor benighted people suffering under the yoke of tyranny etc and etc. Before you know it some Saudi gunboat would attack a US ungrateful had our former allies become. And soon after that there would be cries in the American press to defend our way of protect our save the poor people of Saudi Arabia and wherever else there might be oil.

Before long a campaign of destabilization would be put in motion, Ahmed and his "terrorists", would be re-Christened "freedom fighters" and they would get washed and lead the charge for a new "open" society and reforms etc etc. The United States, the natural ally of the little guy, the Underdog, would lend "support" until one of those supports was shot out of the sky, "regretably" costing the young pilot his life. At that there would be an upsurge of Nationalist pride, a vigorous debate about how this valiant young Achilles died for Freedom...his bewildered bride and baby girl would be trooped out and honored...mayors and governors would name rivers and mountains for her hero and on and on.

Soon America and Britain would be lending more and more aid to the glorious freedom fighters of Saudi Arabia who would eventually chase out the Royal family, declaring themselves the new "interim" government until things stabilized and elections could be held between the new ruler and his twelve brothers.

Having had the economy devastated by a War of Liberation, the oil pumps and refineries would be turned back on, profits would flow into the new "Democratic Republic of Saudi Arabia" and we'd be off and running on their oil again.

"They" know it, if you don't.

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