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Posted by Jeff ( on October 08, 2001 at 21:03:34:

In Reply to: My Fan Club.... posted by parhad on October 08, 2001 at 17:40:29:

: Posted by Mar Polous Tleeqa on Monday, 8 October 2001, at 12:48 p.m.

: Today I read a quote from Osama bin Laden where he equated an attack against HIM as an attack against ALL of Islam.

: Oh-Sama bin Parhad was really looking forward to his debate with Dr. Ross. It was going to be his moment of glory - his own WTC attack. He was going to set this whitey "straight." Nobody would be allowed to attack HIS identity anymore - if Oh-Sama had anything to do about it. If all else failed, Oh-Sama bin Khaloo Touma bin Parhad would simply annoy Dr. Ross into complicity. And we all KNOW how good he can be at that.

: Well, needless to say, like everything in Oh-Sama bin Parhad's life, it was a flop. Dr. Ross was emboldened by the lack of support, of the shortage of "hurrahs" from Oh-Sama's fan-club. Only a handful showed up.

: Having the same twisted ego-maniacal logic, Oh-Sama bin Parhad bin Khaloo Touma has naturally taken upon himself the mantle of Assyrianism and has crowned himself King of Nineveh. It was now his DUTY to show up and confront Ross, to send him back to wherever whities come from with his knees shaking - never to DARE mess with another Assyrian again.

: Oh-Sama bin Parhad never fails to portray an attack against HIM as cognate with an attack on Assyrians in general. Like bin Laden, bin Parhad would like us to think that whenever Jackie bans him from the convention, whenever Hajjar blocks his post, whenever Ross insults his understanding of history or whenever John Nimrod prevents an installation of a statue - this is happening to all of US, or more accurately BECAUSE of all of us.

: It's the same ego-centric worldview Osama bin Laden espouses in his sick little mind.

: Whenever you read a speech by Osama bin Laden, try substituting some words. Fred for Osama, "Assyrian" for "Muslim", etc. You'll be amazed at how similiar these 2 thugs really are.

: OH valiant Oh-Sama bin Khaloo Touma bin Parhad, WE STAND BY YOU! We will die for YOU! Oh great warrior, defend us from Dr. Ross and his evil cohorts! Restore our glory! We will expel the infidel dogs! Love live Oh-Sama bin Parhad!

After school and work, what a relief it is to laugh. Not that anything he wrote was funny, but the manner in which his sarcasm actually reflects... his horrible personality and foolishness... I just love it.

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