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Posted by parhad ( on September 28, 2001 at 21:42:52:

I'm in the odd position of having to sue an organization whose president is a friend of mine. It isn't personal, just something that needs doing. I'm sure it wasn't personal either when Atour told me to sign a back-dated contract on the last night of the convention or get out. I certainly didn't take it that way, and I'm sure he'll understand as well.

The Federations and Civic Clubs and Mavens of Genocide will have to learn that the Law of the land applies to them as well, that they aren't in High School running the Senior Prom. They will learn the hard way that this country has revernce for the Arts and will be apalled when it's known that the one professional sculptor this community has produced in 100 years, who has placed one monument in San Francisco, had another accepted by Chicago, a third in the works for another city, who has pieces in the administration building of one State Univeristy, whose sculptures are being waited for by another Univeristy...that this was the only one who was stopped from selling his works at the convention when this has been the way we've raised money for these monuments for almost 20 years. "Why", the judge or jury will want to know...and what will Jackie say..."I did it because he wouldn't let me do what I wanted to'? What will Atour say, "I went along with her because I didn't want to cause trouble"?

Not only did they impact my ability to earn a living and support my family, but they frustrated the efforts I've been making for years to either get the monuments funded, or install them.

Atour and Janey themselves have done a lot of work, a lot of work, hauling the maquettes around, speaking to people, making presentations and slide shows, showing film and answering questions... putting their own reputations on the line in the Detroit community. I found the first four donors myself, Atour and Janey found eleven more. What possible good reason can they have, can they give, for blocking the very project they worked to promote before Atour became president of the Federation?

Will I now hear what I was told by John..."drop the lawsuit or I'll ruin Hammurabi"? Do I have to keep my mouth shut even after the convention, is there another "contract", implied though not tangible, that if I don't "play ball" and behave, they will not seek donors for the Hammurabi?

If so, the situation only deteriorates further and there will be even more garbage to have to own up to, to explain...I wonder how you get on Court TV?

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