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Posted by Jeff ( on October 09, 2001 at 21:20:19:

In Reply to: Re: Villawood Detention Centre posted by David Chibo on October 09, 2001 at 21:10:14:

: ThanQ, I forgot to use my spull-chicker again....:-)

: The group of 9 we visited were in only one section of Villawood. There is another group that hasn't been visited by anyone of our people.
: We intend to start a progressive media campaign that will create awareness of Villawood and all such detention centres and organise groups of Assyrians to visit our people on a weekly basis.
: Once we handle that aspect we're thinking of joining the other anti-detention centre protestors and take to the streets of Melbourne.
: After all it is an election year!

: Jeff, and anyone else whereever you are please organise our local Assyrian groups to visit our people in these detention centres. It's amazing what a difference one visit can make to our people. Talk to our local priets, media, etc. For ashur's sake please don't forget them in their hour of need.

: We're also due to meet with the Liberal party member for the seat of Calwell this coming Sunday. By the way the Liberal party is the current Federal government of Australia.
: Last time he presented before us he began by pandering to our religous sensibilities and talked about his strong Christian background, which was followed by people standing and having one minute's silence for the victims of the WTC. I refused to move from my chair and later told him that I had no tears for the victims of the WTC. My tears will be saved for the 5,000 innocent Iraqi children that will die via sanctions. He looked stunned and shocked, partly because his indoctrination had never mentioned any of this new information to him.

: I continued to unemotionally and verbally "flay him alive" in front of our local Assyrian community and asked questions that eventually forced him to admit that he was "not strong on foreign policy".

: He left feeling as though he had failed and asked for another presentation in which he could be better prepared.
: This Sunday when I see him the kid gloves come off.

: Pshena,
: Dave

Is our community in Australia as completely "uninterested" in helping "the cause" as our community in the states is?

If not, I'll be sure to get a job there after I grad-ji-micate. Honestly... it all has to start somewhere. If only Fred owned Land down under!!... (the "OTHER" down under)

Then we could have a "Yoyo Global Alliance Syndicate" meeting...

Keep up the good work. Hundreds of Assyrian-Chaldean children that now speak Aramaic will thank you when they get older. Just knowing that would be enough to brighten my day, every day.

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