Is There Room For Irony After WTC?

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Posted by parhad ( on October 10, 2001 at 00:04:29:

Americans are shocked, SHOCKED, that anyone would declare the attacks on the US a "good thing". Of course they weren't. But wasn't it Madeliene Verybright who said that the civilian casualties in Iraq were an "acceptable" side effect of the war? Acceptable to whom?

If she can feel good about the children born into a conflict and dying from it, who never knew what hit them, who never had a part in it, whose parents we all admit were powerless in the face of a tyrant "worse than Hitler", one the US "couldn't" defeat...then why are we killing them...they didn't vote for the man, they had no voice in his decisions. If we're speaking up for the "innocents"...who is more innocent here?

The American citizens killed in the WTC DID vote...they COULD influence the policies of the governmet(even though they were ignored by the Electrical College) can all those of us left alive for now. Yet we didn't see fit to change anything...we HAVE a voice and we choose to go along, you can't plead "ignorance" as a legal OR moral defense.

So how come they can't feel that the death of civilians is an "acceptable" by product OR the whole this freely elected government, representing the will of the people, has been waging a war for years on Iraqis and Palestinians and any other entity it chooses to? There are more thoughtful Americans whose voices must be heard soon...others who know this is a sham and a pretext for these people to maintain and increase their stranglehold on America, to squeeze its soul dry.

As they talk now of the success they'll soon have, think "Gulf War", when they said these same things...then think of a day soon when WTC will be the Gulf War we'll all be refering to when we say we thought THAT was going to make us safe and secure. The damn fools are blowing up hills and half ruined buildings 10,000 miles away while anyone with a brain knows they aren' there,,,they're politicians never tire of telling us. And this time the battleground will be here as well...we taught them how to get our attention...refused to listen when they spoke to us reasonably, tried to appeal to our sense of justice and that "fair play" that we brag so much about. What's Fair about gunships verses stones...or depleted uranium verses two year olds?

When we agitated to end the war in Vietnam, we were told..."what, and walk out now when 10,000 will have died in vain"? And then it was..."NOW, when 20,000 brave young men have been brutally killed"??? Then, "You mean just pack up and walk out after 30,000 have lost their lives for freedom??? Then it was "40,000 brave soldiers whose deaths must not have been for nought"...then 50,000 and even that wasn't enough to shake our "firm" resolve and determination to save "our way of life" It turned out that 55,000 was the magic number...that many dead soldiers for nothing and a whole lot of turmoil back home, with fathers who were cops, clubbing their own sons and daughtyers at rallies and protests, and all of a sudden America had enough...they did what they could have done after 5000 died...backed up a ship and took everyone off.

It seems 5000 dead in an hour isn't enough for America...hardly counts. We are "firm" in our reslove and all the usual...but it's just a matter of time and numbers...we all know the day will come when Americans will recoil from this road we're being pushed onto and they'll vote these bastards out of office only to get a smoother bunch of bastards who'll be in charge of getting us over our "trauma" while the ousted bastards figure out how to hoodwink us all over again.

It will have to start with campaign finance reform...the sin that knows no name...the buying of politicians and the formulating of policy by CEO's...and the presentation to us as a "patriotic duty for OUR security" of that policy, by the media they also bought up.

And we...poor dumb clucks will go along with anything that will endear us to the White Man...or promise to get more Moslems killed...never once stopping to think that in its heart of Protestant Calvinist hearts, this nation doesn't even think of us as "Christian", no matter how much we salivate and wag our them we are a strange kind of pagan that dares "imitate" real Christianity...just as the only justice or fairness is all THEIRS to is this religion REALLY theirs, even though we keep insisting WE were the first to follow can see how touched and awestruck they the poor dumb Assyrian bastard who said indignantly, "but I wear a CROSS"!!! Don't be surprised when this knife you help sharpen to slit Muslim throats cuts clean through yours as's happened already, though you'll fight like hell to deny it and kiss up to the Man even MORE...convinced you weren't kissing ass hard enough before.

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